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Missing Letter Monday – Aloft!




The Mad Grad Student has sent forth the call. Click here...

The Mad Grad Student has sent forth the call. Click here…

...or here to join in the challenge!

…or here to join in the challenge!

Waves of Joy

Rising, forced eastward as they take form,

Swelling, growing, following one after the other,

The small and the grand alike,

Ephemeral, floating, merging,

Coming together and enveloping the sunlight,

Prismatic orbs,

Exploding to the delightful noise of laughter.




This post is part of “Missing Letter Monday” 

Bubble Rain

“Bubble Rain” by Steve Jurvetson is licensed under CC BY 2.0


13 Responses to “Missing Letter Monday – Aloft!”

    • jetgirlcos

      thanks! You know, I started this thought process by getting two random numbers, applying them to the “B” section of my dictionary, and coming up with the word “billow” which I then tried to describe without the “B.” Odd, but there you go 🙂


        • jetgirlcos

          I’m considering it! I kind of stole the idea from Linda G Hill’s A to Z where she used a thesaurus in a similar fashion…I thought it sounded fun. I could make it super hard on myself if I used “Le Petit Larousse” :-O Hmmm. don’t think I’m that smart!


        • Celine Jeanjean

          Haha, yes that would be tough. Maybe with an easy letter, although I’m not sure what an easy letter would be really!


  1. Bea dM

    lovely, but slightly disturbing you can create something that poetic without a B ….. after all, mon nom est Bea avec un B majuscule! glad to see the B reappear in the Bubble Rain !

    Liked by 1 person


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