SoCS — What a nice compliment!

Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions
Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions


This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”  — Click and read, click and join in! Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “compliment/complement.” Use one or use them both. Have fun!

You know, after writing a month’s worth of posts in my “deuxième langue” my brain is tired. Je suis très fatiguée.  Mais, I am very happy to get back to my “regularly scheduled program” so to speak. During April, I sadly fell away from my beloved “SoCS.” So I am back at it now! Consciousness – Streaming! Flux Capacitor – Fluxing!

I must admit that, what with the fact that my brain is teeming with French grammar after taking some time to study all my French grammatical errors in my A to Z posts, when I saw Linda’s prompt, I thought…mon dieu! Est-ce qu’elle parle d’un “Complément d’Objet Direct” ou d’un “Complément d’Objet Indirect” ? Horrible, just horrible. Yes, I do have some French grammar homework to do, but I really don’t need to bring it over to SoCS! Besides,  this week’s grammar topic is not Direct and Indirect objects or Object pronouns or my responsibility to make the past participle agree (or not) with these. Arrrgh.

That’s terrible. There should be a “no grammar” rule in SoCS.  Instead, I should compliment  Linda on her oustanding “A to Z” run! What an awesome theme to use the thesaurus like she did! I admit I am a little behind on blog reading, but I’m going to catch up starting now!

Speaking of compliments, is it just me or is it kind of hard to just accept them gracefully? Is it a “girl thing” to want to immediately self-deprecate when someone says something complimentary?  Why is that, do you think? For example, “That’s a beautiful dress! It looks great on you!” Why do I feel compelled to say something other than just “Why thank you for saying so!” Is it not true that I myself believe that it is indeed a nice dress and that it looks good on me? If not, why the heck did I buy it and put it on this morning? And if I say something like “Oh, thanks, but it’s just something I’ve had for a while…I just got it at a JC Penney’s sale…” or “Oh, thanks…You know, I didn’ t even have time to do my hair properly this morning,”  am I not then insulting the judgement and taste of the person who complimented me?  Well, that’s awful, isn’t it? Is this compulsion born in the idea that we as women are not supposed to be vain and therefore we try to make it small when someone notices these things? As if we didn’t spend a certain amount of time on our appearance?  Or what about if someone compliments us on a recipe we made, say, for a pot-luck? “Wow, this is delicious, did you make this?”  Why the compulsion to say “Oh, it was easy to make.” when in reality we spent all day in the kitchen preparing it? Why not say something graceful like “Thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!”  Is it just girls who were brought up that it’s tacky to draw attention to oneself?  How much more classy is it to just accept a compliment in a graceful way? Hmmm. If we all did this, what a nice complement it would be to our personalities, n’est-ce pas ?


10 thoughts on “SoCS — What a nice compliment!

  1. I don’t think it’s just a girlie thing. I find it very difficult to accept compliments, something I know to be partly cultural but mostly personal. At the cultural level, a certain amount of self-deprecation, or at least playing down of one’s achievements, is as much a part of the British character as is the ‘stiff upper lip’ – Kipling’s If offers the best treatise I have seen on the subject. At the personal level, it is difficult to accept compliments graciously, if one’s every fibre is saying that they are not deserved. No – not a girlie thing at all.


  2. I’m still catching up on everything too, thus the late comment on last week’s SoCS post. Thank you for the lovely compliment on my A-Z! (It takes practice – some compliments are still harder to take than others. 😉 )


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