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Notre Septembre Inoubliable – Une Nuit Notable

 Allons-y ! On y va ! C’est parti ! Suivez-moi en France où je vais vous parler d’un mois de septembre inoubliable ! 

Let’s go! Follow me to France where I will tell you about a September to remember!

(To read last year’s post, “N is for Nyons” Click HERE )

Est-ce que nous y sommes allés? (Did we go there?)

Hélas, cette fois nous ne sommes pas allés à Nyons.  La prochaine fois? J’espère que nous y irons ! Alors, aujourd’hui je vais vous parler d’une “Nuit Notable” à Paris.  Ah…en réalité ce n’était pas une Nuit, mais plutôt une Soirée, mais le mot “soirée” ne commence pas par “N.”

Au bord de la Seine, le soir, il y a des gens qui y s’asseyent avec une bonne bouteille de vin et même avec un petit pique-nique, tout en regardant le coucher du soleil. 

Unfortunately, this time we did not go to Nyons. The next time? I hope we go there! So today I’ll talk about a “Notable Night” in Paris.  Ah … actually it was not at night, rather in the evening, but “Evening” does not begin with “N.”

Along the Seine at night, there are people who sit there with a good bottle of wine, and even a little picnic, watching the sunset.

Comment cela s’est-il passé ? (So how was it?)

Un de mes correspondants nous a donné de bonnes adresses à Paris où l’on peut trouver une bouteille de vin, du fromage et un peu de pain. Nous avons pris ses renseignements et puis, nous avons fait une promenade le long de la Seine où nous avons trouvé un petit endroit. Tout le monde était tranquille et respectueux. Même s’il y avait beaucoup de gens, c’était comme il n’y avait que nous deux et la Seine et le soleil, qui se couchaient.

One of my correspondents gave us a list of good places in Paris where you can find a bottle of wine, a little bit of cheese and some bread. We took his recommendations, and then we took a walk along the Seine where we found a small space to sit. Everyone was quiet and respectful. Although there were many people, it was like there was only two of us,  and the Seine and the sun, which was setting.

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Si c’était à refaire, qu’est-ce que je ferais de différent? (If I could do it again, would I do anything differently?)

Non, ce fut une soirée inoubliable et à ce moment-là, j’ai trouvé une partie de Paris que je chérirai toujours.

No, it was an unforgettable evening, and at that moment, I found a piece of Paris that I will always cherish.

Les petites astuces de votre blogueuse (Tips and tricks from your “Forty, C’est Fantastique” hostess) 🙂

Alors  je vais vous donner les bonnes adresses que mon ami m’a données.  

Now I will give you the same advice that my friend gave me.

Ici, on peut trouver une bouteille de vin. Le vendeur nous a conseillé quel vin serait parfait pour notre soirée au bord de la Seine.  Et le nom de ce magasin commence par “N.”  Super ! 🙂

Here, you can find a good bottle of wine. The vendor advised us which one would be perfect for our evening next to the Seine. And the name of the store begins with “N”.  Bonus ! 🙂

Pas trop loin de ça, on peut trouver cette fromagerie. J’ai remarqué qu’en France, quand je posais des questions aux vendeurs, ils étaient heureux de nous conseiller. C’est assez rare aux États-Unis où il existe de moins  les petits magasins comme cela.

Je ne me rappelle pas où nous avons acheté le pain. Mais il y a tellement de bonnes boulangeries à Paris que je ne l’ai pas noté ! 

Not too far from that, you can find this cheese shop. I noticed that in France, any time I asked the vendors, they were happy to advise us. This is pretty rare in the United States where there are fewer and fewer small shops like this. It’s pretty much all “Big Box” in my town!

I do not remember where we bought bread. There are so many good bakeries in Paris that I didn’t take note of it!


Et vous, chers lecteurs? Avez-vous déjà pris un pique-nique à Paris? Où quelque part ailleurs ? Avez-vous un lieu “secret” ?

And you, dear readers? Have you had a picnic in Paris? Or somewhere else? Where is your favorite place to have a picnic? Is is a “secret?”






*Veuillez excuser mes fautes de français ! J’apprends plus en plus chaque jour mais je vais toujours fais faire des erreurs 🙂


14 Responses to “Notre Septembre Inoubliable – Une Nuit Notable”

  1. frederick anderson

    An awful thing to admit, but I’m afraid I don’t picnic at all – a few grabbed mouthfuls in my car is all I seem to manage – and I am the less for that. But had I the time or the geography, I can think of nowhere better than beside the Seine….

    Liked by 1 person

    • jetgirlcos

      We did a ton of picnics in France, just trying to enjoy the atmosphere and the amazing food at the same time. Plus it was a great excuse to visit one of the many wonderful markets there!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    Lovely! It was too cold for picnics when we were in Paris–but you are making me want to go back!

    Liked by 1 person

    • jetgirlcos

      Me too, I can hardly wait to go back 🙂 As the spring weather is here I am totally jealous that you could go there on a train !


  3. Denise D Hammond

    I remember an episode on the Barefoot Contessa where she picked up picnic food and met her husband on the bank of the river (or some such place). I like to just grab some wine cheese and bread and eat wherever. Who needs the five-star restaurants.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Natasha Duncan-Drake

    I’ve only been to Paris once and unfortunately all I really remember is how much my feet hurt 🙂 Lovely pictures. I’m not much of a picnicker I’m afraid. In my head eating outside has become mixed up with being dragged potato picking with my mother during summer holidays and hating it. I’m sure I could be tempted by a nice cold bottle of white and some nice cheese though :).
    Tasha’s Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

    Liked by 1 person

    • jetgirlcos

      hmmm…potato picking does not sound like much fun at all. The wine, cheese and Seine combination was much less work, I think! Thanks for the visit!


  5. evelyneholingue

    Vous me donnez le mal du pays! Mais je suis contente de voir le magasin de vins Nicolas, un favori aussi pour moi quand je vivais en France. Je suis aussi contente de voir que je n’avais pas souscrit par e-mail et maintenant je devrais recevoir vos billets dans mon courrier, ce qui est mieux. En tous cas, super de lire vos impressions sur mon pays natal et mon beau Paris.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Bee Halton

    I’ve been to Paris many, many years ago with a friend and my then step-mom. She is a English and French teacher and had stayed in France and in Paris before. It was brilliant. I can’t remember if we had an actual picknick there but we always had some baguette, cheese, wine and taramasalata in our rooms. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person


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