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Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions
Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions


This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”  — Click and read, click and join in! Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: use a word, anywhere in your post, that begins with the prefix “de-.” Extra points if your word ends with “ed”! It’s all about the fun – have some!


So, just because it’s A to Z April, that doesn’t mean my C has stopped S-ing ! Today, my husband and I went to the library. You know, that place that is full of books? Well, this library…not as many books. There is a new library in town called Library 21C. And actually, it’s kind of great. There are tons of events, and Makerspace, and learning opportunities of all kinds there. The building itself is really nice, and there are books, too. But unlike a “traditional” library, the books are not the main star. They have a main role, an important part, yes, but not the only thing. The main thing about this library is the creation of space for…creation! 3-D printers, classes, art, vitamin D (tons of windows and a patio too!)

Anyway, my husband was talking about all this great stuff, and how maybe in the future libraries wouldn’t have books at all, you’d just  request something from a catalog and get it in some electronic form. Yes, there would still be the computers and the Makerspace and the classrooms and study groups and all that, just not the actual physical books. I reminded him that we saw Dr. Who disprove that with the existence of the planet-sized library of the 51st century. He reminded me that the place was infested with flesh-devouring alien life-forms. Yeah. Whatever!

I was thinking of the fact that if you want something online, you really need to know exactly what you’re looking for. There’s no “browsing.” There’s no wandering aimlessly until something strikes your fancy. Not really. I guess wasting time on Pinterest comes close, but it just isn’t as cool. For instance, I recently went to a used bookstore (love those places. love the smell. love the book-dust that you have on your hands afterwards…) Anyway, I found a nice 1995 French Dictionary. “Le Petit LaRousse Illustré” to be exact. I bought it. Why? Because as wonderful as WordReference and all those other online dictionnaires are, there is no substitute for just flipping through, say, the “D” section looking for new and interesting words. So I thank you very much, Linda, for helping me justify my giant dictionnaire. Because I found the perfect word for your SoCS today…

“Déambuler” – Se promener ça et là, marcher sans but.  Which means “going here and there, walking aimlessly.” And that is exactly how I found this word! Okay, not “walking” exactly, but figuratively “walking” through the “Dé-” section!


à lundi, chers lecteurs ! Le “A to Z” continuera ! 

à suivre…

le Petit Larousse
le Petit Larousse




17 thoughts on “SoCS — De…

  1. I love books. My goal this year is to read all of the Agatha Christie books. My library doesn’t have all of them, but is able to get them from other libraries around the state. Nothing like reading an old book bound back in the 30’s.


  2. Kelli – I hadn’t heard of this new library and have been searching for a local place to watch a 3D printer in action. What Denver used bookstore do you visit? I haven’t found a good one in the urban area, so I head to my fav in Boulder – The Trident.

    You are superhuman posting this in addition to A to Z !!


    1. hahaha. Not superhuman… Just obsessed or…un peu “folle” ! Actually, I’m down in the Springs. My fave bookstore down here is “Hooked On Books.” After A to Z is finished I am tossing around the idea of a series of posts about cool old books that I buy 🙂 Link to library :


      1. Thanks! I love CSpgs (except for traffic).

        Have you ever stopped at The Barn in Castle Rock? A quaint old building with vendor stalls of eclectic stuff from old tools to books to decor and handmade jewelry – sort of an American/Parisien market. It’s worth a walk-thru 😋

        I’d love to read about old books in your collection. For some reason I struggle to write well about books, but do have several ideas ‘ruminating’. Sooner or later they will coalesce. Or not!

        I found the main Denver lib has 3D printers so will plan a trip there to satisfy me curiosity.

        Stay safe on the road home 💕


        1. Ooh…never heard of the Barn but it sounds like it would be right up my alley! Thanks for the info! PS…you think we should “do lunch” one of these days?? We are members of the DAM and we go up there several times a quarter…


        2. We should absolutely do lunch! I thought you’d never ask ( said one misfit introvert to another) 😋

          I belong to DAM and the Botanic Gardens and enjoy them both!

          I need a few more weeks to see how my therapy goes before I can pick a date – my pain issues are resolving but I’m still hesitant to book anything where I’m sitting or talking until I get my neck muscles strengthened and retrained.

          Soon!! It’s put a big grin on my face just thinking about meeting you in person, Kelli.

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        3. Me too! Just say when, and you can email me when you’re ready! Yah, I like Denver for certain things like the DAM, but we’ve lived in the Springs for a long long time. Luckily, it’s just not that far! 🙂

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  3. You had me at Doctor Who…
    In McAllen, TX they now have an old Walmart that was turned into a community library. It’s the largest single story library in the country. We hung out there for a bit this winter. Maybe someday that will be a trend, when the current Walmarts are no longer big enough for all the imported plastic junk we want, they’ll go build bigger ones elsewhere and turn the old building into libraries. I doubt it, but this was a cool library.

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  4. I think I’d love to go to a futurist library where there are no books but you just request something and get it in an electronic format. Hopefully the formats will be accessible to screen readers too.

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    1. I’m sure a lot of this will happen in the near future! I love my e-books, especially if it’s a really big novel, but sometimes there’s just no substitute for the “analog” version 🙂


    1. Thanks for the visit! Yes, the Challenge is a great motivation for me 🙂 I love the writing part of it, and also the list where I get to discover all kinds of new and interesting blogs!


  5. Décidément ce nouveau monde empêchera de déambuler dans les rayons, de flâner un livre à la main, d’errer sans but précis même s’il y a une imprimante en trois D.

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  6. I think that books will not disappear, at least for a long while. I just can’t imagine a world without books no matter how hard I tried. Even if ebooks replace books, it won’t be the same again…

    3D printers are awesome though 🙂


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