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About the “A to Z” Challenge…

atoz [2015] - BANNER - 910I want to take a moment to talk a bit about the “Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.”

What is the A to Z Challenge? Well, it is a Massive Multi-blogger Mission to Blog every day in April except Sundays, thematically from A to Z. This idea was created by the Amazing Arlee Bird of the blog, “Tossing it Out” which is well known for “Battles of the Bands” and for “Tossing Out” intriguing thoughts into the sea of the internet like messages in bottles to see what comes ashore all over the world. Yes, you can interpret that as “I think everyone should read his posts.” Anyway, for the full story, just click on the first link above.

Why am I doing this? Because there are 26 days in April if you subtract Sundays. And because this was one of the first things I did when I started this blog last year. I found so many great blogs to read during this challenge last year, I gained some very special followers, and I found that it isn’t too late, when one is in one’s forties, to do a little writing in between the duties of “real life.”  The fact that I “survived” the challenge last year (that is, I managed to do what I set out to do!) makes me think that I could (and should!) do this again. I will say that the A to Z Challenge was the single most important thing that happened to me to convince me to continue blogging. It made “Forty, C’est Fantastique” a special part of my life filled with special people. So thank you, Arlee Bird and all of the A to Z hosts for making the challenge something to look forward to, something fun and rewarding on many levels.

Who should participate in this challenge? Everyone who has a blog should try this! It’s fun! What’s that? You don’t have a blog? Guess what? It’s FREE to make one. There are several platforms to choose from, just pick one and go for it. You never know what could happen. On ne sais jamais! 

Why should everyone do this? Maybe you will discover that you really like having a place to put your pensées, and that you find tons of cool people who like to write a bit (or a lot!) too. Do you have a new hobby? A new (or old) passion? Do you want to tell people about it? With a blog, you have a unique opportunity to write about these things without tiring out the ears of your friends and family. With a blog, there is an uncountable number of potential readers for your musings. And unlike some social media sites, it’s really only the ones who care to read what you write who will read it! I find blogging to be a deliberate action, not (usually) “haphazard.” I find many “deliberate” bloggers whose writings I really enjoy. Many of them are indeed published authors, like one of our A to Z hosts, Alex Cavanaugh, who has written some really delightful Sci-Fi novels. I think blogs are a treasure chest for  people like me who are mainly “book readers” who just like to dabble in writing.

How can you sign up?  Just click on the banner at the top of this post, or click here, and put your name on the sign-up list you see there. Last I checked, the list was well on its way to 1000. Cool, huh?

À bientôt! 


5 Responses to “About the “A to Z” Challenge…”

  1. Le génie

    A l’heure où je réponds à ce post, ton challenge a déjà commencé… et bien commencé serais-je tenté de dire… je n’ai pas de blog attitré mais il y a plusieurs façon de participer après tout…

    Liked by 1 person


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