Pinterest Fail!

“I’m home!  Oh dear lord, what’s happened in here…

Sweetie!  Talk to me!”

What is all this…cake, bread, little…balls? Fruit in a jar of…

Oh, no. Not again. Pinterest !! “Rum Recipes??”

“Hi  darlin’…I sink I made ’em  ALL!” (hic)



14 thoughts on “Pinterest Fail!

  1. Well it sounds like fun making all those Rum recipes. What is the Yeah Write Me? Is that a writing group or your own icon. I like the idea of writing short microstories because that is how I ususally post on my blog.

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    1. It’s a group that has several writing challenges each week…just click on the icon for all the info! I’ve done these from time to time, but it’s been a while. I decided it was time to get back into doing some of the writing prompts floating around WP…

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