SoCS – More or less

Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions
Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions


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>>Well, I talked to Tom and promised him a few things and as a result they’ll still let him in. It was the least I could do!

<<You got that right! Truly, you couldn’t have done less.

>>Excuse me?

<<You heard me right. I said, you couldn’t have done less. You were late, and now the most he can hope for is the end, and that’s the least attractive spot.

>>Well! At least I tried! What did you do for him?

<<I didn’t do anything. He’s most likely going to find himself in the middle of the pack anyway, when it’s all over. Besides, he needs to learn to make the most of these kinds of opportunities on his own.

>>I’m a bit shocked by your attitude, to say the least! I want him to win most of all.

<<Oh, there isn’t the least chance that he’ll win. But, really, what’s the most he can hope to get out of this? An extra bit of apple? Maybe a strawberry or two? I bet they give them all a treat anyway.

>>No, decidedly not! This isn’t about finding the least common denominator! They really are looking for a hero!

>>Come on! He won’t be a hero. At most, he’ll have his picture in a magazine.

>>Yahh! The most widely read magazine in its genre!

<<Right. The least widely read genre of magazine there is. I think he’s going to be wise to take the strawberry and run…in a manner of speaking. The photo shoot would be the least exciting thing that would ever happen to him. I think he’d rather just go home, if you want my opinion.

>>No, I think he likes doing these things! The wind in his face, the rush of crossing the finish line…it’s his most exciting activity!

>>Seriously? “Wind in his face?” The most wind he’s going to feel in his face is when we take him to the starting line. As for the “rush of crossing the finish line”, I doubt he gives it the least thought. Just because he beat that lazy hare all those years ago, it doesn’t mean he wants to make a career of it. It was a fluke!

<<But…if he wins this one, he gets to be the most famous turtle of his generation! He’ll be on the cover!

>>Yep, every turtle’s dream. To be dressed up and photographed as “The Real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” and seen by tens of people as the cover model of the least popular e-magazine ever published, “Reptile Racers.”

<<I know, right??  It’s the most cool thing ever!

>>You could at least acknowledge that I’m mocking you, you know.


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