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JusJoJan – Lire les journaux

Today, day 10 of “Just Jot it January”, is the last day for the “reading” prompt. And this will be very short, because it is now the 11th day of JusJoJan, and I will need to be switching gears to the new prompt. This is what I get for writing in the middle of the night: prompt ambiguity. Is it “today” or is it “tomorrow” just because the clock struck midnight?

I continue to read my French book and jot down all the words I need to look up or study. But sadly, I also read some French news and this week was a very tragic week in this country which I am learning to love very much, even from afar. I can’t truly comprehend or understand the scope of the terrorist acts committed in France last week, because I don’t have a cultural heritage there. But I did find this video by Geraldine of “Comme Une Française”.  She’s a French lady who makes videos and online classes to help people who are learning French or who are moving to France as expats. She does a brave thing to try and explain to non-French people what this meant to the people of France. A mon avis, elle était très très courageuse d’avoir fait cette vidéo! I think you can see if you watch it how hard it was for her to make. 


Mes pensées sont avec la France !


6 Responses to “JusJoJan – Lire les journaux”

  1. willowdot21

    Je suis Charlie. God bless and help us all. May the families of all the Charlie Hrbdo workers killed and every policeman and policewoman and every innocent person killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, find some peace.

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