La vie est belle !

One Whole Year

According to Word Press, I opened this blog one year ago today.

Très bizarre!  I knew it was close, but didn’t know the exact day.  I started this out as a “Let’s see what happens” exercise, and I guess I like what happened because I’m still here! I began as part of the 2014 “Zero to Hero” challenge on the Daily Post. I don’t really think I’m a “Hero” but I have some chers lecteurs and I get to open my Reader every day and read the words of some kindred spirits. Chouette!

In short, y’all are awesome ! (That’s Texan for “Vous êtes fantastiques!”)


This post is part of Linda G Hill's "JusJoJan" ! Click and join!

This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “JusJoJan” ! Click and join!

Well, I figured I may as well do one more little post today in honor of the “One Year” thing. I am going to make this a “JusJoJan” post 🙂

I just took a picture of my “jottings” from my French reading today. I recorded uses of the “passé simple” along with words that I just plain don’t know. My idea is to try and use the “unknown” words in sentences later.

The book itself? So far it’s très intéressant !  I mean, the character of a woman who has supposedly killed multiple husbands, and is now intrigued by the new young priest…how could I not be interested in such a person? Of course, the vocabulary involved with learning about her is…un peu bizarre. I mean, I seriously doubt (and I really hope I don’t!) that I would ever need to use the verb “zigouiller” (to “do in”) in any conversation. But it’s a great exercise in learning to use context to understand words.

Oh, boy, and that's the the first 30 pages! Yikes!

Oh, boy, and that’s the the first 30 pages! Yikes!


And with that, I’d like to say merci une fois encore à mes chers lecteurs!


10 Responses to “One Whole Year”

  1. The Pondering Poet Pilot

    Bonjour! Je ne parle pas francais (not much at least!). Thank you for visiting my blog and reading a poem. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Always nice to meet another aviator.

    Best wishes, Stephen


    • jetgirlcos

      And thank you for stopping by, too, all the way from the other side of the world! Of course, your airplane actually has that kind of range, doesn’t it! Aviate, Navigate, Blogivate! er…Communicate 😉


  2. Le Génie

    K. ton étude du passé simple devient très sérieuse !
    Tu lis et étudies méthodiquement le français comme une tueuse en série qui zigouillerait les verbes au passé pas si simples ?
    En fait, on emploie parfois le verbe zigouiller mais avec un sens très atténué. Par exemple lors d’un accès de colère : oh celui-là je vais le zigouiller !
    Sur tes notes de lecture, as-tu écrit : fonca > car cela serait “fonça” !!!

    Bonne lecture et bonne chance surtout au jeune prêtre…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Arlee Bird

    Congrats on your first year of blogging. If I could say that in French I would have, but I can’t so I’ll just say “La plume est en la table”. And that is the extent of what I remember from college French classes.

    Tossing It Out


    • jetgirlcos

      That’s what I learned in HS French too. But if I’m going to write I guess it’s a good thing! Thanks for reading and commenting and I will see you again for AToZ in a couple months!!



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