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SoCS — We came, we saw, we consumed.

Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions


This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” — prompt for today is “Consume”

Sorry…I am a day late with this one, but I don’t want to completely miss my favorite prompt!! I am not really sure what it was that consumed all my time  this week…with Christmas being on Thursday this year, I kind of lost track of what day it was! Christmas Eve, my husband and I stayed home and watched our favorite “Christmas” movie, “Christmas in the Clouds.”  (it was an Indie film which won prizes at the Austin and Santa Fe film festivals in 2005…if you haven’t heard of it, trust me, just see it! It’s awesome!!)  We had friends from church over for dinner on Thursday night, and my husband and I made spaghetti and meatballs. My husband makes great meatballs, using this recipe from Fabio Viviani.  Not the “traditional” dinner, but I prefer that!

Because one of my friends is gluten-sensitive, I had a challenge! I love cooking, and I always make my own pasta. So last week I experimented with gluten-free pasta dough. I actually succeeded in creating a pasta from a blend of brown rice flour, xanthan gum, tapioca flour, and eggs! I tried it out on my husband and myself first, of course. We consumed some, and it was pretty good! So I made another batch on Thursday.  I also made my regular pasta, which is part whole wheat flour and part semolina. My husband made the meatballs as per the recipe, with half a recipe using gluten-free breadcrumbs.  They all turned out awesome! We had chocolate fondue for dessert, and we all consumed a little too much! The kids had a great time dipping stuff in chocolate 🙂 It was

It makes me sad that most of our holidays have become all about consumerism, and that we have lost their true meanings, (after all, the word “holiday” literally means “holy day”)  their religious significations, and focused too much on buying things, and after …..sales, and all these things that don’t matter. I was happy to spend this year with our friends, but a little sad that the bad weather prevented us from being with our parents this year.  Fortunately, being with family is not dependent on a particular date, and our parents will appreciate a visit in January just as much as one in December.

So, here’s to a 2015 full of time with family and friends, and not too focused on consuming the newest gizmos and gadgets! (except for books…books aren’t really “gadgets”…right?? 😉 )


6 Responses to “SoCS — We came, we saw, we consumed.”

  1. summerstommy2

    I like the sentiments you raise about Christmas and consuming. Its good though when all your prep comes off and great times are had by all. Sounds like you and your family had an excellent time. My best wishes for 2015, have a good one.

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  2. Le Génie

    Ces jours de fin d’année, peuvent faire ressentir l’année bientôt finie et l’année qui arrive… Nous sommes toujours entre ces deux mondes, le passé et le futur…
    Le consumérisme est l’aveuglement, la croyance en un futur restreint…
    Alors goûtons les moments du présent, pour redonner à ces instants le sentiment du passé et la confiance en l’avenir… Pour redonner de la grandeur à notre vie…

    Bonne fin d’année K.


  3. LindaGHill

    That depends on what you’re consuming your books on these days! haha.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy Holidays, my dear, and all the best for the new year!

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