SoCS — Cutting back

Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions
Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions


This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”


Thanks to Pav for this prompt, “back”.  Since I got back from our European adventure, I’ve had a strong desire to cut back on my possessions. When I was in France, I had, for a whole month, a wardrobe which consisted of 12 items of clothing. And I really felt freed by that. I didn’t truly miss all the clothes in my closet at home. I want that sort of freedom at home too! I realize that life is not a vacation, but I have this weight, this feeling that if I could just get rid of all the stuff  around me, then I could think better, be more organized with my time, get more accomplished, read more, write more, not feel burdened by unfinished projects taunting me from the depths of my closets, distracting me from doing the things that I really find important. In short, I could finally relax knowing that all the bills are on time, all the meetings and appointments are scheduled so I won’t forget or miss any, all the things around me are things that I need and/or love. I think it would be beautiful and peaceful.

Today I missed the SoCS on Saturday because I was spending some time getting rid of a large portion of my clothes. I already feel better and can’t wait to move on to the next “target.”

Anyway, today I was thinking about cutting back, cutting back, cutting back!

Et vous, chers lecteurs ? What do you think about the relationship between having too much stuff in your house and having too much stuff in your mind? Do you feel more peaceful in a space with just your favorite things and no extras, or do you like having a lot of things around you?


18 thoughts on “SoCS — Cutting back

  1. I’d love to cut back! But in our house of toddlers, every time I try to cut something out, it seems like something new just swoops in to take its place… Well, at least I personally can focus less on my stuff, and I’ve tried to do that in the past couple of years.

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  2. Just the words that I need to hear! Like you, I find vacations freeing b/c I have less stuff with me: a simpler lifestyle is better. But sorting through old clothes and toys is never high on my priority list, so it doesn’t happen often. Maybe in January!

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  3. How funny – my post last week was about how the clutter of things has cluttered my mind. This time of year is especially clutter-filled but then the frenzy (social commitments do that to me) quiets again and my cozy nest is once again free of all the holiday-generated ‘stuff’.

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    1. mmmm…”cozy nest” and no “holiday-generated stuff” That will be the best present ever. (she says as she looks forlornly at the dining room table which is completely covered with almost-done-home-made gifts!)


      1. Absolutely. The holidays are definitely a mixed blessing, but at some point the wonder and meaning of Christ’s birth and the beautiful glory of joyous hymns shine through.


  4. Humm, un sujet qui demande réflexion…
    De quoi ai-je besoin pour vivre ? De choses matérielles vraiment ?
    Mais d’abord, je dois sentir l’attachement à ces choses qui encombrent ma vie, ma maison !!!
    Il en est sûrement de même pour les choses de mon esprit ? Il y a tellement de choses auxquelles je crois… qu’il m’est difficile de penser, ressentir autrement, je suis finalement piégé dans les tiroirs de ma pensée…

    Faire comme la vie : prendre et laisser partir…

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    1. très profond, G ! … “piégé dans les tiroirs de ma pensée…” ça, c’est assez poétique aussi! “Prendre et laisser partir” — sages paroles ! “De quoi ai-je besoin pour vivre?” Ma réponse est: beaucoup moins que j’avais pensé ! Merci !


  5. Stopped by a little late here. But honestly, I don’t have a single thing that works for me. I definitely dislike the new minimal zen spaces that have come up. I need a fair share of kitsch going around. But yes, I have a habit of removing and getting rid of what I don’t need.
    Thought-provoking post!


    1. Yes I agree with you about the “minimal” spaces…it’s not me, I need my home to feel “lived in,” not like a museum or a magazine page. I read this book recently called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Uo” by Mari Kondo which really started me thinking…I want to be surrounded only by things which, in her words, “spark joy.” I’m not sure I can follow her advice to the.letter, but I’d like to try!


  6. This is not a process I am in control of: stuff happens. I don’t make it happen, I don’t buy it, barter it or make it – I just come into my office in the morning and it is there. The same is true of my computer. No-one should have a hard drive like mine! I truly am a dysfunctional bag of spanners and there is no hope for me. It is no use my de-cluttering, the stuff would sneak back in in the night.

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    1. “Dysfunctional bag of spanners ???” Hmmm… Great phrase! I do understand what you mean, though. It’s like how the junk drawer seems to procreate like rabbits when you’re not looking. As for me, I just keep hoping! Thanks for reading 🙂


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