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Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions
Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions


This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”

I love SoCS day…it’s like opening a little PRE-sent to see what the prompt will be every week ! And this week, in Linda’s absence, Helen Espinosa has graciously pre-SENT-ed us with the word PRE-sent !  It is interesting that just by changing the stressed syllable, we can change the meaning of the word entirely. There are many such words in English, and I wonder if this confounds people who are learning English as a second language? “PRE-sent” can be a noun or an adjective, while “pre-SENT”  is a verb.

– You must be PRE-sent in order to pre-SENT your essay to the class.

– But Professor Smith, I ob-JECT to this rule.  After all, the OB-ject of the lesson was only to write about the questionable CON-duct of the committee who con-DUCTED the study on the CON-flict between the REC-ord company and the re-CORDING artists, not to give a speech.

– True, but if you aren’t here to pre-SENT your essay, that would con-FLICT with the class schedule and I would therefore have to de-CREASE your grade by 10 points.

– That is not fair, Professor. I have worked hard on this PRO-ject and I really wouldn’t want to see a DE-crease in my grade after completing it. However, my experiment that is running in Professor Jones’ lab is pro-JECTED to be completed during your scheduled time, and I have no control over that.  Are you sure you can’t per-MIT me to turn the essay in early without pre-SENT-ing it in person?

– Hmmm…well, because you have con-DUCTED yourself in a professional manner, and pre-SENTED me with a logical argument, I will give you a PER-mit to turn in the essay as you have requested. Consider it a PRE-sent from me to you.

– Thank you so much, Professor!  I am sure that Professor Jones will appreciate me being PRE-sent  for the final day of our experiment with the PRO-duce that we pro-DUCED using the compost from the school cafeteria.

– You’re welcome. And please remind Professor Jones to re-CALL this generosity on my part when he issues that RE-call for school office supplies later this semester.


Enough!! Actually, I can’t think of anymore words like that at the PRE-sent time. And that dialogue was so contrived and horrible!  So I think it’s time that I go start pro-DUCING some hand-made Christmas PRE-sents for my friends and family. I have all these great ideas, and there are pieces and parts littering my kitchen table at the PRE-sent time, so it’s best that I start on them, I think!

Merci beaucoup to Helen for the great prompt today!

15 thoughts on “SoCS — Presenting

  1. Very clever! This was really fun to read; your French studies have clearly made you highly sensitive to the quirkiness of English — and I bet the meanings that change with stresses drive non-native speakers crazy.


  2. This was so great! It is crazy how we have so many words like that. Thank you for the fantastic take on the prompt! 😉


  3. Ha, fun post and use of the SoCS prompt! Good luck with those handmade presents; it’s so cool you can do that! I’ve never been crafty, so if I did something like that, it would not turn out well — both for the gifts themselves as well as my mental state… 🙂

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      1. Oh no, I hate when something like that happens! Good luck…and tell your husband it’s all quality time. 🙂 That’s what my friend’s dad says whenever they get stuck in traffic or have to run an errand — and it’s true!

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  4. That was a fun post 🙂 The placement of the stress in the English language is so complicated to navigate! To this day there are still words I’m unsure how to pronounce, despite being completely bilingual (often words that I’ve only ever written or read. I know what they mean but I struggle to pronounce them). Much easier in French where the accent is always on the last syllable 🙂

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