La vie est belle !

Catching Butterflies

La Tour EiffelPortraits of France… (Catching Butterflies)



Les papillons dans lGrapes‘air,
One by one we catch them,
These pieces of une vie étrangère,


We trap them with our lens,
With our memories,
With our pens.

Le petit déjeuner


The delicious scent wafting from la boulangerie,
The best jambon beurre à Paris ?
Le serveur qui dit, “Vous avez choisi?”




When we sit hand in handLa Seine
Quietly watching the sun set over la Seine,
How can we begin to understand




j'ai l'impressionThe cadence of the days,
That je ne sais quoi,
Which makes a country into a musical phrase,




Singing its histoire in the streets,Street musicians
With the voice of the Métro singer, the flutist,
The cathedral bells and the wind across the sea.



ArlesThe sun illuminates an arena
Where men have made sport of violence for centuries,
And braces itself for La Féria du Riz.




A feline curls itself onto a stone wallLe chat de Flavigny
Sleepily regarding the passers-by,
Resembling its ancestor who inspired the artists of old.




GaleriesThat certain time of day when Tout le monde,
Over their espressos with the tiny spoons,
Takes time to talk of des choses simples et profondes.




We try to bring these butterflies home,Le ciel de la France
Put them in a shadowbox, pinned through the thorax.
Quelle horreur when we find that despite that, they’ve flown…


10 Responses to “Catching Butterflies”

  1. SirenaTales

    Wow. This is a knockout. Such lovely images and evocative language…juxtaposed with the harshness and futility of trying to capture moments, time, life in a shadowbox. Thank you for your beautiful and thoughtful work. xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Celine Jeanjean

    Oh I love this! I love that you mixed both languages in this poem, that’s such a clever idea, and it works beautifully. And it’s a gorgeous poem too 🙂


    • jetgirlcos

      Oh, thank you! I’m really not much of a poet but I love to give it a try from time to time. I had good inspiration for this one! And I had un ami make sure the French parts weren’t horrifically wrong 🙂


  3. Le Génie

    Même cloués, les papillons font s’envoler l’imagination

    Liked by 1 person


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