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SoCS — Shapes

Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions


This post is part of Linda G Hill’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”


Triangles. I really like triangles. Oh, sure, I could go into some deep discussion about the mystical quality of triangles, about how the number three has all kinds of symbolism, and all those sorts of things…

But honestly? I just really think they’re pretty. When I was little, I had a book of  “Colorforms” which were vinyl shapes of different colors that clung onto a book with slick plastic-coated pages.  You could remove and replace them over and over. The book was meant to teach shapes and colors to babies, I think, but I liked making designs with the Colorforms.  I liked the triangles the best.  When I was old enough to discover furniture rearranging, I put my bed at an angle from the corner of my room to the center. It made a really cool triangular space behind the headboard, and I could access it by crawling under the bed. I thought that was pretty cool.

I like diagonal lines, too. Of course, they lend themselves to making triangles. I’ve used triangles in many “crafty” projects over the years. Even knitting. My favorite pattern of all to knit is called “Entrelac” which is actually from the French word meaning “Interlaced design.”  It looks like ribbons woven together, but the form of it is based upon…triangles!
garterlac dishcloth1

The diamond on my wedding ring is triangular, too. The cut of the diamond is called “trillion” because of the shape. I love this diamond. It’s .75 carats, but looks larger and very brilliant because of the cut.

Croissants are made by rolling up a triangle-shaped piece of dough. No wonder they’re so good! Speaking of desserts, many of them are round. To share something round (like a pie, for example), you have to cut it into wedges. Wedges are just triangles, really.  Sure, technically, one edge is the arc of the circle that it’s cut from, but I’m not one to get hung up on technicalities like that. It’s still triangular in shape. If you slice a citrus fruit, each part of the cross-section looks like a triangle.

There’s also a really cool 3-D triangle in front of this one really famous museum…it looks awesome at night…



Gah! I’m becoming like Howard Walowitz from “The Big Bang Theory” after he came back from his space mission…give me any subject and I can relate it to our trip to France…ah, well. Heureusement, c’est *mon* blog 🙂 So I guess I have the freedom to do that…hope it’s not too boring for y’all!


Well, it’s really not Saturday anymore, so I’ve kind of broken the “SoCS” rule…hope that’s ok!

A bientôt, mes chers lecteurs!




10 Responses to “SoCS — Shapes”

  1. idiotwriter

    I mean triangles are cool!…but I am more a spiral kinda girl 😀 Which in all fairness is not a shape I guess – but still – it should be, it is in so many things!



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