La vie est belle !

The Weight of Autumn



The Weight of Autumn

Like the cord of wood stacked behind the house

And my breath hanging in the quickly chilling air

As I bring it inside, one log at a time,

Dust falling from my gloves.


Like the big raindrops, fat at the bottom,

Running down the window,

And the dusty waterproof coat and boots

From the back of the closet.


Like the once-golden leaves

Which have formed a carpet beneath my feet

As I walk amongst the trees

Happily wrapping my scarf one more time.


Like the scent of apples and winter squash

Blending with cinnamon and cardamom,

And the warm beef stew simmering on the stove,

Waiting patiently while the bread bakes in the oven below.


How I savor the weight of Autumn,

With its layers of blankets and sweaters,

Pale skies, and air that bears a crispness

Foreshadowing the coming Winter.


17 Responses to “The Weight of Autumn”

  1. F.G.M.

    “cinnamon and cardamom”… “I savor the weight of Autumn”… beautiful words! Quel merveilleux chant d’automne 🙂 tc&l


  2. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    I love your use of “dust” and “dusty” here–makes me think how autumn is a season for shaking things out/off and starting fresh (and “crisp”?).



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