La vie est belle !

Dear Europe,

I feel that I must register this one small complaint against you. You have ruined my life in one significant way:

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Apparently, many many people in Europe have a nice cup of espresso in their own homes every day.  I discovered that many French people also have nice cups of espresso outside their own homes, à la terrasse de café au soleil.  Sometimes more than once per day.  They have an expression for what we have here in the US: “jus de chaussettes.” 

Here is my complaint, dear Europe (and particularly Switzerland because you are an enabler) : You share your nice cups of espresso that you have multiple times per day with your visitors and with your guests. You pretend like this is a part of your hospitality towards us, when in reality, I think it is a cruel joke. I think you know what will happen as a result of this.

The very first thing we did after getting home was to think to ourselves, “Gee, in France, they would be having an espresso round about now…” and we went to a Ubiquitous Large Coffee Chain thinking, “Well, they have espresso here. I know we usually buy a rather large overly sweetened drink which contains more milk and water than coffee, but who says we have to??” And we ordered an espresso. And as there was no terrasse, we took our little paper cups (no cute little china cups with saucers and adorable spoons, served with a tiny cookie or square of chocolate and accompanied by two cubes of sugar) “to go.” And then, dear Europe, I believe you know what happened next. We sipped this brew, and we discovered why we usually buy that rather large, mostly milk and/or water concoction. Because this little cup did not contain the nice cup of espresso that we found EVERYWHERE in France. It contained a small amount of something extremely bitter and burnt tasting, not remotely resembling anything currently being sipped on any French terrasse.

To finish my complaint against you, I must tell you that I believe you may owe me for for the pain and suffering caused by a minor amount of intestinal distress from that “espresso” and maybe a small percentage of the cost of my new “habit” which I can fortunately feed thanks to the willingness of the Swiss to export these adorable machines to my country.  You have obviously planted your agents here in the form of cute red-haired girls at kitchen supply stores whose personal habits you probably support in exchange for their enthusiastic sales skills.

That is all. I just wanted to formally register this complaint in the ether of cyberspace.  And now, I must make arrangements to visit a certain “boutique” in Texas. I mean, I need to go see my brother in Dallas.

Sincerely Yours,



9 Responses to “Dear Europe,”

  1. themoatmicgi

    lol 😉 : est ce une problèmatique anglo saxonne ? j’ai mis une semaine pour trouver un bon expresso à Londres !!!!!


    • jetgirlcos

      Peut-être…je ne suis jamais allée en Angleterre, mais il y avait un machine “Suisse” dans l’hôtel où on a resté en Irlande 🙂


  2. Le Génie

    Chère jetgirlcos !

    La vieille Europe a bien enregisté votre doléance au sujet de votre nouvelle habitude pour le café expresso. Bien sûr, nous sommes désolé d’employer cette expression un peu triviale qui compare votre liquide noir à un “jus de chaussettes” alors que nous prenons notre nectar au soleil, à la terrasse d’un café…
    La Suisse a bien de la chance d’employer de ravissantes rouquines pour appâter le client. En france, nous devons nous contenter d’un personnel au visage moins avenant…
    What else comme disait notre cher Georges ?
    Je suis heureux toutefois de savoir que vous n’êtes pas allés en Italie, c’est le paradis du Café…. Vous en seriez revenus dépressifs… Car le café Italien est une merveille comparé au notre…
    Alors pour finir, sachez qu’en Grèce, il existe une autre façon de boire le café qui mérite bien le détour.
    Ce serait une bon motif pour retourner en Europe, s’installer à la terrasse d’un café et voir simplement la foule passer devant votre table, pendant que vous tournez votre petite cuillère dans votre petite tasse…


    • jetgirlcos

      Hahaha. Merci, G, d’avoir parlé pour “la vielle Europe.” La prochaine fois, je voudrais aller en Italie, je crois ! Maintenant je dis “merci” à une certaine compagnie en Suisse…


  3. Le Génie

    J’ai vu que les images des machines à café que tu as postées ont des mots en italien… Il faut dire qu’en Europe, le café est arrivé par les marchands vénitiens (de venise) alors les italiens ont développé tout un art autour de ce breuvage.
    Si tu le désires, je peux t’envoyer un excellent livre (e-book) qui raconte toute l’histoire du café (livre écrit en français).


    • jetgirlcos

      Hmmm…ça m’intéresse ! Oui, j’aimerais bien lire ce livre, même si j’aurais beaucoup de temps de le faire (mon dictionnaire et moi !) C’est très gentil à toi 🙂



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