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Sunflowers for Tina

Sunflowers, Paris balcony Dear Readers,

As many of you know, the blogging world lost a treasure on August 23, 2014. Tina Downey,  author of Life is Good, and a team leader of the A to Z April Challenge, left this world for the next. The team at A to Z asked everyone to buy a sunflower and post a picture on Sept 8 in Tina’s memory, because they were her favorite flower and a testimony to her sunny outlook.

I did not know Tina well, but she touched my life because I found her blog during the April A to Z challenge this year. I am a new blogger, and the A to Z was the first challenge I really took on. It’s such a huge event, it can be a bit overwhelming. I looked forward to reading Tina’s Swedish posts every day during April, and all the inspiring things she wrote on the A to Z main site. I found out that Tina and I had a mutual acquaintance in the “non-blogging” world, and I felt very happy to have that link to her as well. I found her writing to be always inspiring and well-thought. I will miss seeing new posts from her in my inbox, and I wanted to make a nice sunflower tribute to her from one of the places I wrote about during A to Z : I bought these sunflowers at a market in Paris, and have photographed them on the balcony of the Paris apartment that I have rented for a week. So, Tina, you will be missed greatly, but when I see sunflowers I will remember the wonderful testimony you left behind for us, as a person and as a blogger!

In His Love,

Kelli (jetgirl)


4 Responses to “Sunflowers for Tina”

  1. Sammy D.

    How like you, Kelli, to remember and honor Tina, in the midst of your distant journey. I have tears of joy replacing sorrow today for the love that is being sent Tina’s way. Her greatest fear while ill and unable to blog was that we, her readers, would leave her and move on to other blogs. I pray she knows differently now, and is wrapped in the loving arms of Our Heavenly Father.

    Safe travels and warm embrace, ma cherie.



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