La vie est belle !

Because…Gargleblaster 176

Run over to Yeah Write to take part in the fun!

Because I ate an extra cookie at lunch,

Because I want to be Association President,

Because I slept fifteen extra minutes,

Because that guy dropped his wallet,

Because Daisy slipped out of her collar,

But mostly,


I run!!!


25 Responses to “Because…Gargleblaster 176”

  1. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    I love how you did this as a list…all good reasons for running, especially the last one!


  2. shanjeniah

    Having lived in Yellowstone, I happen to know that a bear can run 30 miles an hour. Me, I’m grabbing bear spray, playing dead, and praying like crazy…

    But I love this, anyway. Such vivid and varied examples of reasons to run!



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