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SoCS – Above and Beyond

Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

Until now, I haven’t had much trouble coming up with something for SoCS, but today, I have been a bit distracted! In addition to writing a SoCS post, I still want to finish my numerical French count-down post. It occurred to me a little earlier today that by doing these posts, I have imposed a sort of “blogging challenge” upon myself.  Aside from the other things I am doing this week, which is a very busy week for me, I have decided to make a post-a-day, not too dissimilar from the April A-to-Z Challenge! In fact, if I actually finish it, I will have done only six fewer posts than that challenge, but I brought this one on myself! Am I a silly girl for this? Who knows! In any case, I have a guest coming over in the morning, and here I am at midnight, racing to put up a short little “SoCS”, and also to finish my “huitième” post en français!  For what  reason am I subjecting myself to this? Well, I do really enjoy making the posts, all of them, but I feel a bit frazzled this week because of all those other things that are needing to be done. I actually have a list, and that is not like me at all.

As part of SoCS this week all I had to do was start out with a preposition, so I suppose that I have qualified on that count! As for being SoC, well, I don’t think it gets any deeper into the stream than this post. I think it’s kind of scattered, like my brain!  Speaking of brains, I found out earlier this week that my chosen vitamin company has developed a “MindWorks” vitamin which is supposed to help with focus and clarity and memory, even in patients with dementia! I simply must try this one out…as soon as I remember to call my vitamin lady 🙂


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  1. alexischiuling

    Ohh I know what you mean! Like you I also have a tendency to bite off a lot and then wonder if I can chew it all. Haha. And I am also constantly searching for ways to focus better. Feels so tough sometimes. And all the best on your French! I have been learning German on my own using a phone app, maybe I should start German related posts to make sure I stay on course haha. Enjoyed reading your post and I love your spirit 🙂



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