La vie est belle !




I just want to tell anyone going to San Francisco Airport that there is a place that makes really good coffee. They use freshly ground organic beans and they do pour overs to order.   Happiness can be found at “Fraiche” in Terminal 3. This coffee should not ever be adorned with cream or sugar.  Just sip slowly and feel the hectic airport spin away from you.  ☕️

8 Responses to “Happiness!!!”

  1. F.G.M.

    I♥SF! including its airport! merci pour me faire voyager là-bas comme si je prenais un café là…


    • jetgirlcos

      LAX has pretty miserable food choices IMHO, but if you have the time, you can go outside, take the free shuttle to the “Parking Spot” garage on Sepulveda (just tip the van driver a buck and he’ll be more than pleased) and there is an In-N-Out there. It only takes a few minutes on the shuttle and then you can return to the airport with your prize and watch all the jealous folks inside as you chow down on your double-double. The record for the In-N-Out run, as far as I know, is 23 minutes from airplane chocks in to back in the same airplane, burger in hand, ready to go flying again. No, it was not set by me! 🙂


  2. shanjeniah

    I’ve never been to the airport there, but that San Francisco would have such a place does not surprise me in the least. Wonderful city!

    I life my mug to you, whereever you happen to be right now!



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