La vie est belle !

19 — Dix-neuf — 19



C’est presque parfait.


5 Responses to “19 — Dix-neuf — 19”

  1. Anne

    My students get 20 out of 20 when they answer all the questions correctly of course and even when they make minor mistakes but the rest is so good. (And I am not the only teacher doing that!) I also remember getting 20/20 when I was a student ! It also happens in multiple choice questions. But it is true that some teachers would never give a 20. I really can’t understand why. I am always very happy when my students get good grades !


    • jetgirlcos

      That’s great! I am happy to hear that, and I’ll bet your students are, too 🙂 I get the idea that nothing is truly “perfect” but I don’t think a well deserved perfect score from time to time destroys that!


  2. Anne

    C’est vrai que certains profs cherchent la petite bête dans le travail de leurs élèves pour ne pas leur mettre 20/20 ! 😉


  3. Sammy D.

    I can’t get over his comment that most would be satisfied with 12 out of 20 !!! Talk about settling for mediocrity :-).

    12/20 ah, c’est bien. Cherchez le vin!!



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