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Double-Check That! – SoCS

My mother has had this sugar duck in her refrigerator for a really long time...It was on my birthday cake when I was TWO.

My mother has had this sugar duck in her refrigerator for a really long time…It was on my birthday cake when I was TWO.

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Well…I am pretty sure it is. You had better double-check that!   I spend a great deal of time working with the “Department of the Redundancy Department.”  I double- and yes, even triple- check thousands of things at work every day (you’re welcome!)  It’s natural. I would feel lost without doing these things. That is by design, of course!

I also double-check tons of other stuff.  It seems that if I fail in this task, then whatever I am trying to accomplish is a little bit…ok, maybe “doomed” is a poor choice of words if I’m talking about something as trivial as making a pie, but you get the idea.

For example, several years ago I failed to double-check a booking for a flight/hotel combination, and the result was that we ended up having to check out a day before we thought we did, and drive 5 hours like maniacs to the airport to catch our flight, and then ended up with one night which had no hotel attached to it, and found ourselves grateful to be sleeping in a Motel 6 near the SEA-TAC airport for 5 hours… but that’s another story.

Today, I have double-checked the dates I want to make train reservations for our trip to France. I have double-checked them at least 6 times. And I am still scared to push the “buy now” button. But truly, if I’m off by a day in between two of the places I’ve booked for us to stay, are we “doomed?” Or are we just in for an adventure? I wonder if there is a time and place for “double-checking.”  For instance, double-checking a SoCS post…not really supposed to do too much of that. Editing is an extreme form of “double-checking, ” isn’t it?

My computer always wants me to double-check stuff.  Computer:  “Are you sure you want to delete every file you’ve ever created in one go?”

Me: “NOOOOOO….oh thank goodness you asked i didn’t mean to push that button i will never push that button again i love you for asking!” (as I weep with relief that sometimes the machine doesn’t just blindly follow my misguided instructions.

The next day —  Computer: “Are you sure you want to empty the ‘Spam’ folder?”
Me: “Duh! Of course i do you stupid machine that’s why i clicked on that!”

Anyway, since this is a Stream-of Consciousness there are a couple other things I want to say about two-twice-double-duet : I love playing duets.  Sadly, I hardly ever have the opportunity.  My other half isn’t a musician, and once one leaves school, it’s difficult to find other musicians and the time to play. I’ve never tried doing this via skype. Have any of you done this, dear readers?

Speaking of my other half…we will celebrate 22 years of marriage next week. So there are some more “2”‘s 🙂 It means that I have been married for half of my life. Or, you could say, I have been alive twice as long as I have been married. Which is super cool. At the end of the month, my parents will have their 60th anniversary. Which is Super Super cool.

And on that amazing note, I will stop.

A bientôt, chers lecteurs !



10 Responses to “Double-Check That! – SoCS”

  1. shanjeniah

    Had I double-checked where I parked our car on Market Street in Philadelphia the day the kids and I went to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, I could have avoided lots of extra walking, lost, with two frightened kids on a hot day, extra ice cream, a delightfully helpful cabby and security officer, an expensive impound fee the day before my birthday, and a ticket later, seeing a HUGE ship at a port we wouldn’t have been anywhere near, Target and McDonald’s and a strip club and a brothel all on the same set of corners, how a famous impound yard works, the chance to be nice to the impound yard employees, who were sadly shocked at anyone treating them with civility, and a really cool story…


    Happy anniversary! We celebrate 17 years later this month. =)


    • jetgirlcos

      Great adventures become greater in hindsight, sometimes! “Extra ice cream” — perfect! Bless you for having the grace to be kind to the impound yard people. It could have all been worth it just for that moment. It’s sad that they rarely see that. Thanks for sharing this story!


  2. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    Happy Anniversary! Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures in France!



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