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About music…

About music:

I started playing the piano when I was pretty young, 5 or so, but I never really got very good at it. I manage ok; for instance, I played the piano and the flute parts in the “Praise Him” video (which I just “rediscovered” by chance…I made the recording over a year ago!) I had to be “piano proficient” in order to graduate with a music education degree, but I can only do simple things. After so many years, it’s even worse. I have tried to keep up better with the flute, and in fact made a little progress last year because I took lessons for a while. I didn’t re-start at the beginning of the year because I chose to focus on studying French, but I hope to go back to it next year. I still play at church, and I still have one flute student.  She’s the teenaged daughter of a friend of mine, but she doesn’t have a school band or anything like that, because she’s gone to small charter schools and now she is in an “early college” program. Yep. smart kid. Anyway, she and I played a duet at church a couple weeks ago, and I had to reach wayyyy back into the depths of my college music theory classes. I chose the  Shaker hymn, “What Wondrous Love.”  She played the melody, and I did 4 variations (with varying levels of success, I think, but the church people loved it, mostly because of her, I think!) The first one is in octaves, the second I played at the parallel 4th, the third is a canon at the fifth, and the last is just a sort of accompaniment part that I wrote. You can tell me if it was at all successful. My student did a really nice job of staying steady on the melody no matter what sort of “messing around” I did while she played! So “Great Job” to her! Anyway, since I’m on a roll of doing some music posts, here are two more hymns that I love.

Here’s the recording of me and my student:


And this one is just me:


5 Responses to “About music…”

  1. Deborah

    This was great! I am a pianist from way back and spent several years in church music and piano teaching. I always loved having a flautist for special numbers. 🙂


    • jetgirlcos

      Thanks for listening. I figured I would try a few new things besides new themes over the next couple weeks 🙂 Do you still play?


  2. Deborah

    I only rarely have the opportunity to play. I thought about renting a piano at one point, but realistically, I barely have time for the other interests I have. My piano is stored at my brother’s house in Michigan. I will someday get back to it when I’m back in the States. It’s a lot like riding a bike. I spent a few hours last summer trying to pick up some of the pieces I used to play, and I needed to practice, but it would be possible to get back up to speed if I were playing regularly. 🙂



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