SoCS – What am I doing here?

This post is part of SoCS:

Hi…I’m HERE…Can you HEAR me? Can you HEAR me now? (Sorry, Linda, I thought of that silly commercial first of all! 🙂 )

I hope I’m not abusing the “SoCS” title with what I think could turn out to be a long long post…sorry!! I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do HERE lately.  I asked the question last Wednesday about “awesome,” and though I was mostly making a “rick-rolling” joke, I was kind of serious. I have several things in my head:

There are several lovely bloggers who have nominated me for awards, but I think with this “HERE” post, I’m regretfully going to say “No more awards please — YOU are my reward.”  I think it’s a good time to do this. I’m changing the theme of the blog, and trying to think of some ways to make it more “awesome.”  That includes trying to be a little more disciplined about posting. I truly appreciate the spirit in which these awards are given and I am so so grateful to have readers who

a) read my ramblings!

b) think my petites pensées are worthy of recognition!

c) make such lovely and thoughtful comments!

However, the rules surrounding these awards are a little overwhelming for me.  I have found myself this week thinking about these and wondering when I’d have time to do that and also write anything else. So to thank them, I would like to give a special shout-out to all of them, and to several others.

Frederick Anderson — (nominated me for Leibster Award) A real-life published author, and writer of awesome thought-provoking posts. I love that he writes with a cool accent. Also, he has really smart avian friends.

BlaineCindy – (nominated me for One Lovely Blog Award) Fellow musician, writer of beautiful poems, and a fellow “gargleblaster” at “Yeah Write.”

Celine Jeanjean – (nominated me for Wonderful Team Member Readership Award) I found this one to be quite intriguing, because I am more of a reader than a writer most days, so merci mille fois, Celine! A person with a grand imagination, great taste in books, lover of “The Princess Bride”, une belle Française…I could say a lot more about this wonderful lady!

In any case, I want these three to know how very much I appreciate the fact that they noticed my little site, and for their comments and likes here. I am going to direct you to a post from another blogger/poet whom I really admire, Oliana from “Traces of the Soul”, (yes, just go read everything she writes) who has a beautiful little post on the subject, HERE.

And here are just a few of the other blogs that I love reading, and I think you might like to go HEAR their writing-voices for yourselves,

HERE — Linda G Hill, writer extraordinaire, and a true Muse. She puts forth two awesome prompts every week, this one, and the One-Liner Wednesday.

HERE Diana, the “Holistic Wayfarer” — I am always inspired by her posts. Every word she writes is thoughtful and purposeful. She makes this look effortless, and I am certain that it’s not!

HERE — CC “Conscious Cacophony”  — writes  really good poetry and really good other stuff too! Just read.

HERE — Cheryl writes all sorts of things, including the Yeah Write prompts, which is how I found her. I think her posts are so nicely thought out and presented, so organized and clear. Her poetry and fiction is pretty awesome too 🙂

I want to take part in several prompts each week but I can’t do them all each week, so I’d like to have a plan for that. I adore all the cool stuff that goes on over at “Yeah Write” and I had such good intentions of taking part in their summer sessions, but so far I haven’t made it happen! I’m very happy that I had the chance to get some French Poetry instruction, (see HERE) but I also want to do some other writing.

I am trying on some new “shoes” (i.e. themes) this week. In fact, this is the first “new pair.” Tell me if you like them. I found the old ones were wearing out, just like the little girl in my old French exercise book this week. (Post to appear shortly) I would like to HEAR from you, dear readers, because although I like trying on new things, I mostly want you to be able to read my posts, so if the format is not “reader-friendly” then that gets in the way of “awesome” in my mind.

I don’t know that I myself have the desire to be any sort of “leader” but I do want to provide a “bright spot” in people’s lives from time to time if I can. The virtual world truly does offer all of us a chance to find others with similar interests, to create community regardless of distance. I know that the “statistics” for a blog are not an accurate representation of what really matters – making connections – so I try not to pay attention to them too much.

Well, this really is SoC… so maybe I can, in the words of Inigo Montoya, “sum up”:

What do I want to do here each week?

Write something en français

Write for at least two prompts besides the SoCS (I love the SoCS…I plan to do it every Saturday!)

Read and comment on as many blogs as possible.

Click on the blogs of those who follow, like, or comment HERE,  and then click on and discover at least one new blog by clicking on the blog of one who comments on one of those blogs! (yeah, that doesn’t really make sense when I write it out, but I know what I mean…and it is “Stream of Consciousness”!

Post at least three links to interesting blogs that I find.

I think I’d better stop now. I might be wearing out the SoCS…time to get organized! On y va !



22 thoughts on “SoCS – What am I doing here?

  1. LOL It might have made more sense if you’d said it in French 🙂

    Onward and upward. I’m hooked. I’m following. I’m commenting. Till you tell me to arretez!


  2. Merci, Sammy. But about the blog discovering process…Oh dear, no! That was just one terribly messed up sentence in a disjointed post, but you’re not really supposed to edit 😛 If I’d tried to say it in French I would certainly have said something offensive or just plain weird!


  3. I really enjoyed this post and wanted to tell you that your blog is indeed a “bright spot” I like to visit. I always love the mood-setting background image, your warm and engaging writing style, plus your use of French (I studied French and am always trying to brush up on it and learn more). I especially needed that bright spot today, so thank you for this great SOCS post. I wasn’t able to do one myself this week but am happy I checked out the entries!


  4. I love the new look (am a great fan of chocolate croissants 🙂 ) and even though I have not been reading very long here ( 🙂 ) and neither have commented a lot I think your plan sounds good. Thanks for the blog recommendations. Will check them out and sorry I had not look at your new shoes. Even though I am a woman and in my mid-forties I do not care for shoes…. I have three pairs: One for work, one for every day and my wedding shoes. Hmmm, that’s and idea for a post on my blog 🙂 sorry


    1. Thanks for reading 🙂 I’m happy you like the new theme (I really just meant “shoes” figuratively, meaning that I think I’m going to try out a couple other blog themes over the next few weeks;-) ) But, yes, I freely admit to being a “girly girl” who likes shoes and even more than that, scarves! I admire you for being “minimalist”…I would like to be a little more like that myself, and it’s something I am actually working on, because I find it to be stifling at times, to be surrounded with “too much stuff.” I’d love to read what you would write on the subject!


      1. Ok, that’s a deal. Next week I will write a post about shoes and other girly things and I will let you know when it is up. I love scarves by the way and have lots of them. But that is probably the only girly thing I indulge in besides chocolate, books and wine 🙂


  5. It’s interesting that we seem to be in a very similar place in terms of figuring out our blogging and what we want it to be. I, too, am trying to figure out which challenges to participate in regularly. SoCS is of course a given. 🙂 I like what you’re doing here, and it will be fun to compare “shoes.”


    1. Thanks for reading, Deborah! I love reading about all your interests and talents at your “Container Chronicles”, it’s a great title, by the way. Yes, I think it is difficult to decide which challenges to do…the best part is that each one has a unique group of cool people attached to it!


      1. Someone just put something up about a decluttering challenge, and as I feel buried by stuff a lot, I’m thinking I should consider adapting it. You have a good point about each of these challenges having a unique group attached to it. And in a few cases, there are some crossovers. The community is amazing.

        Thanks for the blog comments. When I chose that name, I was thinking that I was going to go in a different direction with my blog, but things evolve. I managed to adjust the tag line to make it work. 😉


  6. Someone posted something that was a poster. I’ll get it and put it in the post I’m doing. What I’m thinking of doing is organizing a decluttering challenge to help keep me motivated and help others who are in the same boat. I take it you might be? 🙂


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