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1 Corinthians 11:23-32 –  “Take, eat; this is My body which is broken for you; do this in remembrance of Me.”  The words of Christ to His disciples at the Last Supper, repeated by Paul in his letter to the believers at the church in Corinth. I thought of this passage when I saw Linda’s prompt because we will be having the Lord’s Supper at my church tomorrow, and I’ve just had an email from the pastor reminding us that “God desires to approach this memorial with a right heart, remembering our Saviors death for us until He returns.”  It’s a serious topic for Christians. So that was the first port in my stream of consciousness today, because it’s foremost in my prayers today.

But also, as Linda had mentioned that with this word “there’s more to it than meets the eye”, I decided to just think about that word for a little bit longer, and it’s true…there are many colloquial expressions related to the body, and I learned a lot of them in French class several weeks ago. So I guess that maybe it’s common in other languages too, and why not? It’s the vessel that we inhabit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We think about it all the time, whether it’s functioning correctly, if it needs “maintenance”, food, water, etc. It’s our way of interacting with the world around us! So I thought of all the ways we use this word…

A body of work – A corporate body – The Body of Christ (both in a figurative sense  meaning the church, and in a literal sense) – body-building – body of evidence – body image – body count – warm bodies – Anybody – Everybody – Nobody…

And the expressions pertaining to it…”Pain in the neck”, “I’d give an arm and a leg for…”, “Get off my back”, “I’m all ears”, “It’s like pulling teeth”, “You don’t have to twist my arm”, “Break a leg”, “I can’t wrap my head around that”, “To force something down one’s throat”, “The cat’s got my tongue”, “Over my dead body”, “To cut off the nose to spite the face”, “To look down the nose at”, “To keep one’s nose clean”, “It’s no skin off my teeth”…oh, the list goes on and on. It makes my head spin.

Ok, time to pull this boat out of the Stream of Consciousness for today. I must go to the gym now…you know…it’s part of taking care of the body that I have!

Happy Saturday to the body of writers at SoCS!

14 thoughts on “Anybody? – SoCS

  1. Well done, Kelli ! Also loved your post about Cherry Creek Art Festival and risotto. LOVE risotto :-). Lived in CCreek for 7 years – the trees in that n’hood are worth the price (gulp) of housing. Then … the traffic and constant construction got to us – bar hoppers until 2am and delivery trucks starting at 4am didn’t make for healthy sleep!

    Did you like the art this year? I find it a little too “out there” for my tastes. Much prefer the Memorial Day Art Show in downtown Denver – more reasonable prices and relatable art pieces.

    PS the Golden Art Museum has a Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit ins that is well worth your time – a little warm up for France 🙂


    1. Hi Sammy…for some reason my original reply to this comment didn’t post! That’s what I get for trying to write on an iphone. Yeah, some of the art was “out there” but some of it I really liked! I just can’t afford artwork…apparently I am buying Le Creuset instead! 😉 I will definitely look into the Golden Art Museum. Hubby and I love museums! Thanks for the tip!


  2. you’ve made my Sunday with this awesome post: merci! 🙂 we have plenty of bizarre and funny expressions in French, too… 🙂 here’s one: poser un lapin = to set a rabbit(mot-à-mot!) = to miss an appointment given to someone… 🙂 or: un faux-cul = tfake ass = une personne hypocrite… 🙂


  3. Lovely post, ma belle. It is quite powerful that the body of Christ was the first that came to my mind and I bet to many as well…just 3 words that have become a part of our makeup whether we are fervent believers or not…that does say a lot.


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