Mushroom Risotto
Mushroom Risotto

So my husband and I have been questing after two enameled cast-iron cooking vessels from Le Creuset for a really long time. Every time we go to the Cherry Creek area of Denver, we go in their “signature” store and we drool over the oval “French Oven” and this “Braiser.”

Today we went to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, which is held every year on July 4th, and we did see some really amazing art! This is kind of a trendy area of Denver, full of specialty shops, but a couple times a year, they block off the streets here for a festival like this.  The one problem with July is that the temperatures are usually stifling. Today was no exception, so to cool off we went into the Le Creuset store.

Cherry Creek Arts Festival
Cherry Creek Arts Festival

The lady there was really nice, and she showed us these “signature matte” colors – white, stone, and a sort of dusty blue. They were quite nice! Of course they are only available at the “Signature” stores, and aren’t we lucky to have one? Grrr. We wandered the rest of the art booths, went back inside the mall for a while, and ultimately returned to take this pan home with us. Grrr.  In any case, I just had to use this new pan to cook something for dinner. Turns out it’s the perfect vessel for this Mushroom Risotto. Who knew? I’ve never made risotto before, and I found out that it isn’t difficult. It just requires patience! (I adapted this recipe from The Little Kitchen – it isn’t the season for Meyer Lemons, so I used regular ones. Still good, but I imagine it would be awesome with Meyers!)

It went really nicely with our steaks. We accidentally went in with some friends of ours on a half of a steer, and consequently, we have a lot of beef now. Really really good beef. Beef that was walking around only a couple of weeks ago. Eating grass. And by getting it straight from the rancher, it was a better price than the far inferior beef we find at the supermarkets.

Oh, and I made a salad too. Great 4th of July fare, I thought. Anyway, it’s been a while since I posted any cooking stuff, so I thought I would share with you how it happened that we had some really expensive risotto (the price of the pan + ingredients) with our inexpensive but super high-quality steaks! Plus, this risotto was really good! The key was adding lemon zest and juice at the end. It really brightened up the flavor!

Bon week-end à toutes et à tous !

4 thoughts on “Risotto!

  1. Yum, risotto! Beautiful cookware, too. There is a store in my town called Marché du Nord with all kinds of lovely kitchen things (from France, je suppose). As soon as I have a few Euros in my pocket, I am going there to buy a ceramic oil cruet, which of course I never needed until I saw it!


    1. Isn’t that amazing how we don’t know we need something until we see it? 🙂 I somehow walked away yesterday with 4 mini gratin dishes and 2 mini tart pans in assorted colors also. Didn’t even know I wanted to make mini gratins until I saw those. And found out they were on special if you were buying a cast iron pan. Hmmm…somehow I think I was a “victim”! Now I have several recipes suitable for mini gratin dishes. How did that happen?


  2. Oh I’m with you, I LOVE risotto. Can’t cook it for toffee – luckily I have a husband who’s a deft hand at it. 🙂

    Congrats on the new Le Creuset! Their stuff is so amazing, it’s actually a good thing it’s so expensive or I would end up buying something every time I went past a shop. We got really lucky recently and found a Le Creuset sample sale out in Hong Kong and we got one of those cast iron cocottes. It’s the most perfect way to make boeuf bourguignon and things like that, I am totally in love.

    Oh, I recently had some mimolette and thought of you and that hilarious video you posted. Really is such a shame that it’s banned in the US. Hope you’ll get to have some when you make it to France !


    1. Aww…thanks Celine! I used it again tonight and made marinara sauce with meatballs. It makes me feel like a chef or something 🙂 Lucky you to get one on sale! Thanks for thinking of me as you enjoyed that gorgeous mimolette. I’m going to quest after some in France. I can hardly wait…the date is getting closer and closer!


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