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Yep, I’m a day late. Hope you don’t mind too much, Linda. My Saturday disappeared…it started out good, I got a glimpse behind the curtain of the life of a Pastor. One of the men in our church who just got his Masters of Divinity degree stood for his ordination exam yesterday, and answered theological questions from a panel of professors, elders, and deacons for 4 1/2 hours, and the church was  invited to listen. Truly enlightening. I gained a great appreciation for the depth of knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures, the compassion for people, and the desire to faithfully Preach the Word which is  sought by those men who would shepherd a flock. It’s not a trivial undertaking if done according to the instructions and example laid out in the scriptures, in the letters of Paul to Timothy! I was extremely moved by listening to this young man as he sets forth on a journey to fulfill his calling. Yes, it was kind of emotional.

And then in the afternoon, we saw another kind of “emoting” because we changed gears entirely and went to see the new “X-men” movie before it leaves the theaters. Actors “emote” too…in fact, that’s what I first thought of when I saw your prompt. I though of acting. Stereotypes of acting classes always include a prof shouting this word at the students, “Emote!” Now, in the “X-men” movie, there wasn’t a whole lot of emoting, but there was a lot of adventure. Plus, Hugh Jackman was looking pretty good in this one. My husband tried (unsuccessfully) to cover my eyes during one scene 🙂

The second thing I thought of with this word was “emoticons” and how I first heard that word back in…hmmm…1990? I was at college, and I had just discovered usenet groups on the school mainframe. There was one that was frequented by students who were studying philosophy, which interested me at that time because I had a couple classes in that subject. This was the first time I discovered “emoticons” and in fact, one student posted a HUGE list of them which I faithfully printed out on half a ream of dot-matrix paper. I actually ran across this in my basement not too long ago. Very very strange. I did some odd things in college.

And then I ended yesterday curled up in a ball on the couch with a terrible stomachache, which is why I did not write this yesterday. Couldn’t really emote via the keyboard while in this state! All better now, I’m almost sure of it 🙂

Sorry for being late!

One thought on “SoCS – Emote!

  1. No problem my dear. Boy, you really had a full day yesterday! Glad you got lots of examples of emoting! Thanks for sharing and for joining in. 🙂 😀 😛 😉


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