La vie est belle !

Quoi? Quack. Coin!

big duck salad plated

“Duck salad” by Maggie Hoffman is licensed under CC-BY 2.0


What? C’est quoi, ça?  

Ducks say that.

Mais non, madame. The ducks, they say “Coin-coin.”

American ducks say “Quack-quack.”

Your ducks, they have an American accent?

Au contraire, your ducks have a French accent!

No matter. This petite salade says nothing!

Fun for all in 42 words!  Come see all the talent at this place! Join in!


49 Responses to “Quoi? Quack. Coin!”

  1. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    Heehee…Have you ever watched the movie BABE (the sheep pig)? Farm Wife: It’s duck a l’orange! Farmyard Duck: Her name was Roxanne.

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  2. innatejames

    I’m having a hard time believing this conversation didn’t actually happen. That’s how genuine it feels. Loved it, especially because it reminded me of how absolutely mind-blowing it was to find out that animals say different things in different languages!


  3. Marcy

    A fun piece! I once saw a list of what “cock-a-doodle-do” sounds like in a whole bunch of languages. It’s funny to think of them as having different accents.


  4. Silverleaf

    Très drôle, intelligent et bien fait! Bravo 🙂 J’aime particulièrement le français qui est étonné de découvrir que les canards américains ont un accent américain!


  5. Le Génie


    Très amusante cette petite salade franco-américaine de mots de canards ! :=)
    J’ai appris comment reconnaitre un canard américain quand j’en rencontrerai un !
    A son accent bien sûr ! (quhahack quhahack)
    Et la façon américaine différente de nous pour présenter un cri d’animal :
    The ducks, they say “Quack-quack.”
    Les canards font “Coin-coin.” > les français employeront le verbe “faire”



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