La vie est belle !

Ahh…the “rabbit hole.” Pinteresting…

I got sucked into Pinterest (again) today, so I thought I’d post a selection of “Pins” from my boards just for fun:
(If you don’t read French, but love beets, I would be happy to translate this recipe for you…I’ve made it several times and it is awesome!)

This is my favorite knitting pattern of all time because it’s easy but it looks hard. Of course I use it for dishcloths, but I’ve also applied the pattern to scarves and baby blankets. It’s awesome! Now I just need to find those knitting needles of mine…


Here’s one from my flute and music board. I think this lady is fabulous. She really does a great job with this amazing flute and its story:


Celui-là, c’est de ma collection de citations “en français”…


This one is from my “That made me laugh” board…

So ending with “quelque chose d’amusant” (something amusing) I wish you a good afternoon, dear readers, and don’t fall in the rabbit hole known as “Pinterest”!


5 Responses to “Ahh…the “rabbit hole.” Pinteresting…”

      • jetgirlcos

        Glad you like it! Yes, Nina Perlove is one of my favorites…I would love to meet her in person some day! Her videos on YouTube are pretty awesome.


        • Jennifer G. Knoblock

          I’ll check them out. I especially love flute in that lower register, and the harmonies in that were so nice.–This coming from an alto and French-horn player…I’m all about the harmonies, lol.


        • jetgirlcos

          ooh…horn is my favorite brass instrument. The last concert of the season our local symphony played Richard Strauss’
          “Alpine Symphony”…one of the most awesome pieces in the world, but especially for the horns!


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