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What did she say? – Gargleblaster #165

Come read and join in to answer the ultimate question!

” When I work with her she complains about everything. Her dog is sick, her kid got suspended from school. Blah blah blah. I wonder if anything good ever happens to her?”

and I wonder what you say about me behind my back?


44 Responses to “What did she say? – Gargleblaster #165”

    • jetgirlcos

      Thanks. After seeing the quote, that’s what came into my head, but the best part of this one was being inspired to read the story by Alice Munro!

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  1. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    Oh, too many people like this. And a reminder to not be one of them…


  2. M. L. Sexton

    Makes you wonder what gossipers say about you. I always wonder that when someone is telling me about someone else.


  3. Meg

    Oh, yes! Always my first thought when I hear gossip…what do they say about me? Well done.


  4. Archita

    Beautiful take on the prompt. I stay away fron gossip and gossip loving people, that makes a small world, still! I think I have to write a big post on that tomorrow.


  5. April C.

    Ouch. But I know this all too well. Gossipy, drama-loving b.s. Well done!


  6. Christine

    Ha. Gossips are always gossips. It’s good to remember that. 🙂 Great approach to this prompt – thanks for linking up!



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