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Lie Bumps

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You know those tiny but painful bumps that sometimes pop up on your tongue? My grandmother used to say that they happened whenever you told a lie. So they were “lie bumps.” I didn’t really get to spend a lot of time with my grandmother when I was growing up because she lived 12 hours away by car, but my mother would always tell me these things that she said. I still remember some of them, like this one.

Of course, the bumps don’t happen just because you tell a lie, but since everyone lies, it’s always true that when you have one, you have indeed told a lie.  I wonder if it was a real superstition or just a way to make kids think before speaking, or to reflect on the things they’ve said recently. As a child I took this seriously and each time I thought about telling a lie, I wondered if I would get a “lie bump.” They really do hurt, you know?  When I did have one, I often sat for a few minutes reflecting on any lies I had told recently.

I wonder if it’s why I have a complete aversion to telling even the smallest white lie as an adult? I have a compulsion to tell the “whole story” even when it’s clear that the person I’m talking to has lost interest, and would rather that I stopped talking, even if that means I have committed a “lie of omission.”

Not that I don’t lie from time to time…everyone does, even if it’s just a small lie. We do it to avoid conflict, or to avoid a conversation, or to avoid hurting someone’s feelings…come to think of it, maybe we most often lie in order to avoid something unpleasant. What a strange thought.

It’s interesting, but I wonder how conscience affects the ability to write fiction? Is every piece of fiction partially true? Or every “true story” partly fiction?  I myself am not too great at writing fiction, but I don’t know whether it’s because of this aversion to not saying things that aren’t true (thanks, Mam-maw) or just because I’ve never practiced at it. I really admire people who can create whole fictional universes and characters who are completely different from themselves…or are they? If not, we should all be a little freaked out that the writers behind shows like “CSI” are running around free. What a thought. Now, how did I get here from talking about my grandmother? Yikes. SoCS ! Yep. Trains of thought have odd destinations!


9 Responses to “Lie Bumps”

  1. LindaGHill

    Haha! Yes, that was a true SoC post if ever I’ve read one. Just go with the flow… 😀
    I had something similar told me by my mother when I was a child – that if I bit my lip it was because I’d told a lie. I would imagine they’re all connected at some point, these old wives tales.
    I hate telling lies as well, much the same as you. In fact the only person on earth I can lie to (still) without feeling much guilt is my mother – a throwback perhaps from when I was a teenager trying to stay out of trouble – but now I do it more to protect her from worry. She’ll stay awake all night if I tell her my kids are sick, for instance.
    But having said that, I have no qualms whatsoever about making things up in fiction. In fact I try my hardest to keep the truth out of it, though some must seep in, since we can only write to an extent what we’ve experienced. I think in the case of CSI, and for me some of the more horrific things I write, it’s all about what fascinates us.
    Interesting post! Thanks so much for sharing this! 😀


  2. willowdot21

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post. My mother also had saying for everything, if you got cold sores you’d been kissing the coal man, bumps on your tongue telling lies, and now my memory deserts me but it took me back to my childhood, blue and green should never be seen unless there is something in between, don’t walk under the ladder, salute the Magpie and say good morning or good afternoon captain, and so on catch the first leaf of autumn!
    I like to write fiction I always love to write sifi or fantasy! I don’t think I am as brave or fit as any of my heroines!! Anyway that was a great post you wrote I loved it!!


    • jetgirlcos

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I have heard quite a few of the others you mentioned as well, and another favorite of mine was that if it’s raining and the sun is shining, it means the devil is beating his wife. I have no idea what she meant by that one, but I’ve been pondering it for years, every time I see that particular phenomenon!


      • willowdot21

        He he… I had no idea the devil had a wife. 🙂 there are loads more but they escape me now. BTW I love those shoes. Xxx


        • jetgirlcos

          After much reflection over the years, I really don’t think he does have a wife, but it is a fun thing to think about! If he did I wonder what she’d be like…
          I’m happy you like the shoes. They’re a fun color and are highly impractical !


  3. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    Oho, you have me thinking! I once wrote in a poem that I am always saying things that turn out to be untrue…not usually by intention, but…
    I’m going to tell my youngest, who is currently suffering a painful tongue bump, about your grandmother’s claim. 🙂


    • jetgirlcos

      Ohhh…poor little one. I smiled a little just now because it’s possibly a bit ironic to share that one… Your youngster understands the concept of “old wives’ tales”, right? 😉


      • Jennifer G. Knoblock

        Well, she does…but she’s at an age (10) where she doesn’t believe anything I tell her anyway. Like, “You just need to eat more vegetables.”



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