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SoCS – OBject…obJECT…objet


For the SoCS prompt…

Je suis en train de faire mes devoirs (I am in the middle of doing my homework)  for my French lessons, so the first thing I thought of was…”object…object…hmmm. Do you mean an indirect object?”  So, if a relative pronoun is the indirect object referring to a person, after a preposition, I need “qui”… , but if the object of the preposition is a thing instead of a person, I need “lequel”, unless the prepostion is “de” in which case I need “dont”…oh, j’adore la grammaire française! Actually, I really do, but good heavens there are a lot of exceptions!  I’m supposed to be creating or finding sentences in my reading with certain relative pronouns. I told this to a skype correspondent yesterday.

Moi : “Je dois trouver des phrases avec les pronoms relatifs.” ( I have to find sentences with relative pronouns)

Lui : “Lesquels?” (Which ones?)

Moi: “Lequel.” (the relative pronoun, “lequel” ) Et aussi ‘qui’, ‘dont’, ‘ce dont’, ‘ ce que’ , ‘ce qui’…” (and also this list of other relative pronouns.

Ok, I realize that doesn’t sound amusing when I write it, but it seemed a little bit amusing when I said it.  True humor is extremely difficult in a second language, so I just have to have fun with the sounds of words and that sort of thing. Like Linda’s post last week about the Tuna. That made me giggle just because of the word play. Yeah, this doesn’t have anything to do with objects.

So the noun “object” – I guess that’s a just a thing. I think there’s something wrong with objectifying a person! I think it’s ok, however, to sometimes personify an object.  I do this every day at work. I am convinced, somehow, that if I talk nicely to my airplane, she will behave well and do everything I ask her to do. I don’t know, but sometimes I think airplanes have feelings. They just want to be loved, too 🙂

Delta Connections Canadair CRJ-900 N820SK Photo_313

“CRJ-900” by Grant Wickes licensed under CC BY-2.0

You know what I noticed recently, and I object to it…somehow there are some blogs on WP that I have been following for a long time, and I think to myself, “you know, I haven’t seen a post from … in a long time.” So I type in their page and I find that for some reason, it says I’m not following anymore. Huh?? So I have to “re-follow.” This has been happening for weeks now, and I thought maybe it was just me and my fat fingers accidentally touching the button when I scroll through the reader on my iphone. So I’ve been super careful of late, and it’s still happening! In fact, it happened this morning with Linda’s blog, when I thought to myself, “Hmmm…I wonder if there’s a SoCS today?” And then when I found this had happened, I was mortified! So if I normally follow you and it seems like I stopped and then started again, that’s what happened! I don’t know why this keeps happening, but I definitely object to this bad behavior on the part of my “i-things.”

…or should I call them “i-objects?”

13 Responses to “SoCS – OBject…obJECT…objet”

  1. LindaGHill

    I did wonder how it was you just started following me today – now I know! I think it’s been happening to everyone, so don’t take it personally. 😛
    I can’t stand French grammar, but I love Japanese grammar (and of course English). Go figure. hehe
    Thanks so much for looking for this week’s SoCS and for posting! 🙂


  2. Sammy D.

    Definitely a WP buggy-boo and I strenuously object, too, because it happens to me!! Isn’t it a sign of how important our blogging buddies have become that you were “mortified” to find out one of yours had been dropped 😰

    SoCS looks like interesting prompts, and you’re doing well with them 🙂


    • jetgirlcos

      Yes, it’s an unfortunate bug, because we do have such a nice “community” here! I love SoCS because I don’t have to write in a premeditated fashion! Thanks for reading 🙂


      • Sammy D.

        Just in case the buggy-boo is wreaking havoc tomorrow, I am giving you a shout out in my post which is a response my Liebster Award nomination from Celine. Just wanted to alert you 🙂


  3. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    I’m now kinda glad I stopped studying French when I did…before the grammar got so sticky!


    • jetgirlcos

      I haven’t tried any other languages yet, but it seems that German grammar might be even “stickier.” What do you think?


      • Jennifer G. Knoblock

        Well, it’s certainly sticky! Actually, I’ve always done better with structure and grammar than with vocabulary. I find German difficult because almost everything depends on the gender (article) of the noun, and I am bad at memorizing these. I know French and Spanish also have this, to some extent, but German goes overboard. My teacher says, when in doubt, just mumble the parts you’re not sure about. Hahaha. Me: Mumble mumble mumble Buch! mumble mumble.



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