La vie est belle !


Thirty seconds of  “toe raises in sumo squat.”

Two days of wincing when I sit down.

Walking should help work out the aches…

Buns of steel? Not mine! You’re my least favorite person today,

Beautifully toned fitness coach with the perfect butt.


39 Responses to “Ow.”

  1. Psych Babbler

    Haha…having not worked out for a week, I’m going to be in so much pain after my holidays next week. Can totally empathise! 🙂


  2. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    Love. I feel your pain! Or, at least, I have felt it at times in the past 🙂


  3. M. L. Sexton

    Oh, fitness trainers. I think their goal is to make someone hurt without physically touching them.


  4. QueenOfTheDessert

    So, I used to teach aerobics and I NEVER felt my body was enviable, but I was in great shape. I would find it hilarious to know anyone envied my buns of steel. (More like steel cut oatmeal!) Great writing. So relatable.


  5. KymmInBarcelona

    Buns of steel < 3 Lovely to look at, though. We were in the same chapter, if not on the same page : )


  6. Kay

    Hot epsom salt baths! I like that the physical pain plays with the mental pain of trying to achieve a goal that someone else makes look easy.


  7. Christine

    *hahaha* I loved this lighthearted take. There are many reasons I don’t work out, and beautifully toned fitness coaches with perfect butts are one of them. 🙂 Thanks for gargleblasting!


    • jetgirlcos

      Ooh…P90x is way out of my league! I go to Curves…and they have a Jillian Michaels video that goes with the machines now. She kicks my butt. 🙂



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