On the fringes…

Loose button
“Loose Button” by Steven Lilley licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

You know that feeling when you have an eyelash that gets in your eye just often enough to make your eye water? And it only happens when you’re nowhere near a mirror to find it so you try rubbing at it, and when you finally get to a mirror, you have mascara all over your face, you have one swollen red eye, and the darned thing is still in there somewhere?ย I could do without that.

Or that grain of sand or small rock in your shoe that rubs the side of your little toe but you can’t stop to take it out because you’re walking down a busy street? When you get where you’re going, there’s a blister on your toe, and somehow the sand has lodged itself almost under the inner sole so you can’t find it…until the next time you wear the shoes? I could do without that.

And then there is that annoying tag inside your new sweater. You try removing one tag and it doesn’t work, so you remove another…until in frustration you remove them all, and you end up accidentally putting a hole in the seam? I could do without that.

Maybe I’m a little strange here, but those things that cover the screws which hold toilets into the floor? When I’m cleaning, it never fails that they roll off and I end up having to retrieve them from underneath the linen shelves, where they attract every disembodied hair and piece of dust that is under there. Ewww! I could do without those.

And that person at work who stands just that much too closeย to my personal space, so that I feel like she’s reading over my shoulder when I am on the company computer? I always wonder if she’s reading my messages and if she talks about them to other people. Creepy. I could do without her.

The button which is just about to fall off your coat but is hanging on by a thread? You walk around all day, constantly checking to see if it’s still there because you somehow don’t have time to secure it when you’re at home…no, you just forget to do it. I’d almost rather have it fall off so I don’t feel like I have to worry about it. I could do without that feeling!

When there is that “thing” hanging over your head at work or school or church, that thing that you have this feeling you’re supposed to do but have forgotten when the deadline was or who the contact is? I could do without those.

All these things and people who hang out on the fringes of our lives, almost-but-not-quite-there…I could do without those.

Or could I? I wonder if I would somehow miss them if they were gone…nah ๐Ÿ™‚

Inspired by ย Linda G Hill’s Stream-of-Consciousness Saturday, “With/Without”

18 thoughts on “On the fringes…

  1. Kelli – you did a great job on this prompt! Your descriptions are so specific and detailed (just like the writing how-to’s instruct!). And I liked your rhythmic ending sentence in each paragraph. I struggle with reducing to most basic elements and writing aboit them in detail so it was a great example of you doing it very well.

    Plus these all bug the sh*t out of me too ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Awww…thanks! I had read the prompt earlier and these things sort of rolled through my head while in the shower this morning…I’m sure everyone has some of these!


  2. Homeschool reports. Law says they need to be written. Standardized tests, Law says they have to be taken. I could do without those, and without the laws that require them.

    May you be able to do without all those annoying little things.


  3. Yes! I could do without all those things too! Very imaginative way to use the prompt. By the way, that eyelash? Blow your nose. Apparently it’s supposed to get it out every time. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for joining in! ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. That’s a really clever post, and I love the rhythm of it (and yes there are a lot of little things I could do without – why is it that we only ever remember to fix that button when out!?)


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