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G is for Le Grand Véfour and Guy Martin


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 G is for “Le Grand Véfour and Guy Martin” 

What is this? Qu’est-ce que c’est ?

Grand Vefour

By Oderik (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Le Grand Véfour  is a historical, gastronomic restaurant in Paris. It holds two stars in the current Michelin Guide. French Chef Guy Martin (whom I mentioned yesterday in this post) has been chef there since 1991, but this place has a history going back to 1784!  The restaurant has been frequented by many famous historical figures like Victor Hugo, Napoléon and Josephine, George Sand, Jean Cocteau…and a lot of others. There are brass name plates over some of the tables for them. I found this wonderful history page on the restaurant’s web site. To me it was absolutely fascinating!

Where is it? Où est-ce?  

Le Grand Véfour is located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, right next to les Jardins du Palais RoyalIt’s not far from Le Musée du Louvre. 

Why do I want to go there? Pourquoi est-ce que je veux y aller ?

I am planning on a very special déjeuner (lunch) here with my husband for our 22nd anniversaire de mariage (22nd wedding anniversary.) I wanted to pick out one place like this during our séjour in France. Why not for dinner, you ask? Well, being a Michelin-starred-famous-chef-run-historical-gastronomic-Special-Place-To-Go, you can imagine that it is, um, très cher. (very expensive). Yes, but lunch is a little bit less so than dinner. But also, I have read that, no matter if it’s for lunch or dinner, you will indeed eat very well here, with all the requisite courses, and the perfect wines to go with them. I believe something like that deserves an evening stroll afterwards, which will be possible if we go for lunch. And what luck, the Palais Royal Gardens are right there. Sound like a perfect day to celebrate 22 years of wedded bliss? Yeah, I thought so too 🙂 According to this website, the 22nd anniversary is the “bronze” anniversary. Apparently there is at least one bronze sculpture in the Palais Royal Gardens, et voilà. (so there you go.)

And you, dear A to Z-ers?  Et vous ?

Have you experienced Le Grand Véfour?  Was it everything a Michelin starred restaurant should be? Did you sit at Victor Hugo’s table? Tell me!

Alors à demain, chers lecteurs ! See you tomorrow!


3 Responses to “G is for Le Grand Véfour and Guy Martin”

  1. Christine

    Il me semble que le Grand Véfour a une solide réputation et le chef a une belle personnalité… C’est un choix judicieux 😉



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