La vie est belle !

Merci beaucoup !

thanksBonsoir, chers lecteurs, (Good evening, dear readers)

I’ve been busy putting up a little post about my weekend adventure, when I got a “notification” that somehow, somewhere, sometime, I think today, my “petit blog” has found 50 followers! I’m humbled and amazed.  Of course, at this point I really need to thank the A to Z challenge and it’s related theme reveal for bringing a few more folks “a-visiting” 🙂 About that, I’m really excited to be a participant, and to read the many and varied blogs of the other participants. This “mega-blog-hop” idea is really fantastique!

Anyway, a big “Merci” to all my readers, those who started out with me during the “Zero-to-Hero” challenge and those who are visiting through the “A to Z” challenge…I hope I can continue to write a few little interesting things as I continue with WP. It’s really good to write, and even better, to have a beautiful audience!



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