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Je m’attarde… (Daily post)

MountainsThe Daily Prompt asks,

Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end. What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever?

Today is Monday, and Monday is French day, (ok, just in my little world. I have French class on Monday mornings) so bien sûr je dois découvrir le mot en français ! (of course I have to find the word in French)  I went to my favorite online dictionnaires  (WordReference and Larousse )and I found a couple of options. The first one was the pronominal verb “s’attarder” which has the meaning of “to remain somewhere longer than planned” or “rester quelque part plus longtemps que prévu”. J’aime beaucoup  m’attarder après le cours de français, parce que je suis bavarde! (I like to stay behind after French class because I am a talkative girl!)

“To remain somewhere longer than planned” – I like this.  I do this every Sunday after church.  My church is really small, there’s only about 50 of us on a normal Sunday. Every week after service, for at least 8 years now, my husband and I join a particular family for lunch.  They have 3 kids so that makes 7 of us. Then the pastor and his wife often join us. That makes 9. Unless their daughter and her kids come too. Then we have 12. But sometimes there’s another couple that will join us too, so 14. And if we go somewhere with good Gluten-free options, we can sometimes snag my friend I.F. too, so 15. Now on a really good day, the music leader will come with his family too. So then it’s 21. We like to invite any new families too, so it could be even a few more. Yes, that’s potentially half the church or more. At lunch. At some restaurant where we have not made reservations. Never mind the wait, we linger at the church for a while, and then we linger in the restaurant lobby waiting for our table. Then we take our time saying good-bye after lunch. By this time it’s usually 2:30 in the afternoon. And after that we will all re-assemble at 6pm for the evening prayer time and Bible study…good thing we like each other 🙂

But returning to the prompt…   The second French word I found is one I like very much, “flâner” – Which means “Se promener sans but, au hasard, pour le plaisir de regarder”  (To walk without a goal, at random, for the pleasure of watching or looking)  This definition makes me think of two things:

First, a book store. Sadly this “passe-temps” is slowly disappearing as more and more bookstores are closing their doors.

Nous flânons dans la librairie, en lisant les titres des livres. Nous les regardons seulement.”  In English I need more words to get across that feeling of lingering over the books, I think. Like this: ““We wander the aisles lightly, with no intentions to buy, simply browsing the shelves one by one, drinking in the titles of the books as though they were coffee…”

You know, I love my tablet with its e-reader. I really do. It means I can carry a *lot* of books around with me. And that’s important in case I finish the one I’m reading. and because I can have tons of magazines and not worry about how to recycle them or feel bad about throwing one away.  But there’s still something about a nice, hefty, paper book. Something about remembering that really great phrase…it was about a third of the way through, on the upper left hand side…I underlined it in green…

Secondly, I think of une randonnée (a hike) because where I live there are a lot of places to go in the mountains, have a picnic, go for as long (or not) as one wishes. It smells like trees, the views can be nothing short of spectacular, and if you have time, it’s a great place to read a book, paper or otherwise! Since Springtime is beginning to show its colors, I am very much looking forward to these times, but also just to the time I will spend on my deck, which has a view of the mountains, and which is another great place that I like to spend some of my time.

Yes, that’s worth lingering over!


5 Responses to “Je m’attarde… (Daily post)”

  1. theopposablecat

    Beautiful, thoughtful post! It’s always worth taking the time to marvel at the connotations of words in different languages – no two words ever have exactly the same translation!
    I loved this post!


    • jetgirlcos

      Merci 🙂 It’s one of my favorite things to do, “marvelling at the connotations.” Endless fascination for me. I love how some things (like flâner) are just better expressed in French while others (for example, the imperative “enjoy!”) are better in English. It makes me feel very rich to know these things. Thanks for reading!



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