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Furball – Trifecta 102

Trifecta Writing Challenge says: This week we’re asking for exactly 33 of your own words about love gone wrong.  But we’re asking that you not use any of the following words:
love; sad; tears; wept; heart; pain

I had said that I’d like to find a writing challenge this week, so here is my entry for the Trifecta week 102 challenge:

You found me; we shared

Walks, games, quiet times when

I just stroked your hair.

Until the day you bit me.

The Humane Society lady will understand my sorrow

As I leave you.

P.S. This challenge is “community judged” so if you’d like to read some really good writing and voice your opinion, click on the button and head over to the Trifecta site.

10 Responses to “Furball – Trifecta 102”

  1. trifectawriting

    Haha! I love this. I mean, I love animals, too. But a few years ago I returned a cat to the SPCA. They forgot to tell me that he was completely deaf and therefore walked around meowing. All. Night. Long. Bye kitty. 🙂 Thanks for linking up! Glad to have you!


    • jetgirlcos

      Thanks. I love the trifecta idea! Somehow my cat meows like that and he’s not even deaf…but we’ve had him for 16 years so I guess it’s too late to return him 😉



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