We saw Alton Brown!

The "Mega-Bake" oven
Alton Brown and the “Mega-Bake” oven
This makes me feel like a better cook already :-)
This makes me feel like a better cook already 🙂

Most exciting event of the week! Yes, maybe we are geeks, but the most exciting thing this week was going to see one of my favorite Food Network Stars in his traveling show, “Alton Brown Live”!  He sang, he talked (and is hysterically funny as well as gastronomically brilliant), he demonstrated some odd and scary food-making devices and made a big mess. It’s hard to tell, but I promise that in the picture, that is AB himself standing atop his “Mega-Bake Oven” (a giant, overpowered “Easy-Bake” oven) I think the local electric company showed a lot of activity this night!  My husband and I also procured two awesome aprons.

Sadly, I didn’t actually get to spend much time in the kitchen this week, but I plan to do so tomorrow afternoon. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so I think I need to make something sweet and probably pink for my French class on Monday. Perhaps I will peruse Pinterest for inspiration. Because that wouldn’t suck my time away… (throat-clearing noise)

This week on WordPress, Michele W.  at The Daily Post was kind enough to post all of the amazing stats from the “Zero to Hero” challenge !  Wow, I had no idea how much we all collectively did as participants. Of course, I have never blogged before in my life, so I have no measure for this. I really appreciate that Michele posted and explained the Zero-to Hero results. I am grateful to the staff at WordPress for working so hard to make this challenge/tutorial. Of course, I am equally appreciative of you, the people who are reading my beginning blogging attempts!  I am amazed every single time someone likes or comments on one of my ramblings. It’s like magic, and it’s something that has not been technically possible for very long. I have come to the conclusion that blogging is a great tool for finding like minds in a big world, and for learning about different people and cultures…it’s really kind of amazing.

Why WordPress is way better than Facebook: I want to take a paragraph here and applaud all bloggers. I know now that it takes some good commitment and time, and a lot of thought to be a good blogger, something to which I can only aspire. I appreciate the experience I’ve had here on wordpress.com so far because it has led me to some great writing, stories, poems, photos, ideas…it’s amazing. I was going to make a separate post on this, but I think it’s ok as just a paragraph. WordPress (and indeed blogs in general) are way better than Facebook in my opinion because when someone posts something on a blog, it means they really have something to say. Not just random (and often grammatically incorrect) one-liners…truly, I actually don’t care too much if one of my friends has “liked” Wal-Mart” (I’m sure they got a coupon of some sort for doing so), or if they are “tired of being board (sic)” or if they “just got a killer deal on Uggs”.  I myself do not like Wal-mart, coupon or not, and if someone is *bored* perhaps a good book is in order? And while I am sure Uggs are very comfortable, I don’t think they are my style (if I even have a style, which I doubt…) Anyway, I find FaceBook to be too overwhelming with unsolicited ads, bad grammar, and random bits of information about people’s lives. Maybe I’m just too old, but I am not able to sort through all that and find the good stuff that I really care about.  Oh, and by the way, please stop “inviting” me to play FB games…

That being said, it has it’s place. I have several friends who successfully use FB as a platform for sharing their amazing vacation photos with a lot of people at once. I have been able to get back in touch with a couple of people that I thought I’d lost touch with forever, and its a great way to stay in touch with them. So I keep my account there, but I never actually post “status” messages. I send private messages to certain people, I change my photo from time to time to let people know I’m alive, but that’s about it. I scan the posts and comment on a few, but I am hopeful that my real contacts there might eventually find me here. Anyway, rant over 🙂

Plans for “Forty, C’est Fantastique” this week? Hmmm….ok, here we go…and remember, a forty(ish) and fantastique woman can and will change her mind 😉

1) Find at least one writing prompt to participate in.

2) Faire un post en français. J’ai une super idée. (Make a post in French. I have a great idea.)

3) Start a category for past traveling adventures with some of my husband’s best photos.

Voilà, c’est tout ! And thanks again, because I really do feel like a bit of a “hero” thanks to anyone who reads my posts!

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