I didn’t watch!

football. by Tom Newby is licensed under CC BY 2.0

…maybe I’m the only one in Colorado who wasn’t watching, but to be honest I haven’t watched all season. I used to like football…I even had a fantasy team. But the last time I really watched was..I guess 1999? The last time the Broncos won the Super Bowl. When John Elway was quarterback.

In any case, the “Daily Prompt” today was about groups, and this was the biggest group in the country today, those who were there and those who watched from home.

Daily Prompt: Groupthink

by michelle w. on February 2, 2014

Write a post that includes dialogue between two people — other than you. (For more of a challenge, try three or more people.)

(from a home in Colorado) “Awww, come ON! Are you kidding me? ”

(from a home in Seattle) “Ha ha ha! Can you believe it?? Did you see that? The guy snapped the ball right over Manning’s head!”

(from the collective orange side of Metlife stadium)  “…(some sort of loud noise comprised of groans, shouts, and probably a few non-family friendly type words) <–Sorry, not translatable.

Anyone who was watching after this point can fill in the dialogue after this. Probably pretty grim. I heard several comments from my own living room. And the ads weren’t even that great.  Me, I left the living room in favor of perusing a few lovely blogs on WordPress 🙂 

——end of daily prompt——

Well, the weekend is almost officially over. I have developed this tendency to do my blogging at midnight. It’s something I probably need to “nip in the bud.”  But I like thinking late at night. I always have. I think I inherited it from my mother. She has always been a “night owl.”  Anyway, I still want to do a weekly round-up, so here you go:

Best French site of the Week : DuoLingo – Thanks to one of my classmates, I signed up for this. It’s free, and provides all kinds of nice little exercises for practicing certain vocabulary or grammar points in a game-type setting. Not a bad little time-waster.

Most interesting blog post from my “reader” – teflresearch- “Seeing is believing” – This is truly fascinating. You really just have to go there. There’s a video that will really kind of freak you out. 

New recipe of the week – Pretzel bites with cheese – Sorry I didn’t remember to take a picture of mine, but I will say that they were really easy and they definitely tasted like “real” pretzels. Be aware, however, that boiling a pot of water and baking soda will result in a lot of white dots on your black stovetop. Also, the cheese dip is really good (I added the mustard and caraway seed as suggested) but is really too stiff the next day for “dipping.” I found that I used more liquid than the recipe suggested, also. Even though it’s not technically a “dip” the next day, it’s still an awesome “spread.” 

Memorizing Philippians – I.F. and I pledged to get through chapter 1 verse 26 today, and I actually did, although the last bit was somewhat shaky on my part. I.F. had a long week and only made it through 24. It’s ok, we have decided to go only to 27 next time. In case you haven’t ever noticed, the Apostle Paul loved very complex sentences. If you are a sentence diagrammer with a death wish, please do try to diagram these! But more important than his grammar is of course the words themselves. I am amazed and encouraged every time I read this. It’s wonderful to read the words of the Apostle, speaking from the prison where he was placed for preaching the Gospel, yet finding abundant joy in thinking of the believers in Philippi. Sometimes it’s too easy to focus on all the bad testimonies to Christianity, and forget that there are Christian brothers and sisters in the world whom we should seek out that we might encourage one another in our faith while living in a world which very often despises us for the very same.

Well, somehow it isn’t “today” anymore, and has somehow become “tomorrow.”  Good night, chers lecteurs.  à demain (until tomorrow!)

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