La vie est belle !

Progress and Reflection

Since beginning this little project, I have learned a lot about, and I have posted a few different things. I even published a post (avec des fautes) in French! Today the Zero-to-Hero project asked me to look back over what I’ve published so far. So far, I have published a lot of things just for the challenge, but a few things which I hope will be a “regular” type of post.

Apprendre le français –  J’ai écrit un post en français, pas sans faute, mais au moins sans peur. Aujourd’hui je l’ai lu avec ma prof, qui m’a aidé avec des erreurs. Dans le cadre de mon cours de français, j’écris un journal et ma prof me corrige. Pour moi, c’est une bonne façon à apprendre. Je voudrais continuer à écrire des posts en français de temps en temps. (I wrote a post in French, not without mistakes, but at least without fear. Today I read it with my teacher, who helped me correct my mistakes. As part of my French class, I write a journal and my teacher corrects it. For me, it’s a great way to learn. I would like to continue to write posts in French from time to time.)

Writing (fiction/poetry) –  One thing I wanted to do here was to try to write some fiction or poetry again. Thanks to Zero-to-Hero and Today’s author challenge, I tried a little fiction for the first time since 1990. I can’t really say if it’s any good, but I did try!

Bible study/ memorization – About two weeks ago I wrote that I.F. and I were trying to memorize the book of Philippians. So as of yesterday we have gotten to Chapter 1 verse 23. In addition, I have been reading John MacArthur’s commentary on the book, which a great way to learn context, and historical and cultural settings.

Cooking –  I promised to try out some new recipes, and I found one on a fellow zero-to-hero-er’s blog that I said I was looking for an excuse to try. Update: I found the excuse. Yesterday was my French teacher’s birthday! I absolutely love to make things to share with my class, so I thought, why not “une tarte d’anniversaire?” Alors voilà : IMG_0021It’s much less beautiful and much more rustic (I didn’t have real pie weights and the sides of the crust fell down)   than the original. I used a vanilla bean in the filling and “sealed” the crust with a thin layer of marzipan as the recipe creator, Made by Steven, suggested.  Despite its appearance it was pretty tasty and I have concluded that this method of having a pre-baked and sealed crust and then putting a stove top filling inside is genius. I can see it lending well to many types of fillings. The people in my class seemed to like it, and my husband was thrilled that there was “extra”! (I mean, really…it’s pie and even ugly pies are good pies!)

Voilà !

3 Responses to “Progress and Reflection”

  1. Cteavin

    OMG, that’s really awesome!

    I didn’t mention it in the original post, but you can give your pie extra sheen by brushing on a layer of diluted (apple) jelly or gelatine. And if you’re feeling sensitive about the look, you could always pipe on whipped cream or (my favourite) creme fraise.



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