Alliteration Abounds.

Ahh…the “roundup post.”  My next Zero to Hero assignment (yes, I know it’s yesterday’s assignment…somewhere during the work-week a day sort of disappeared somewhere. Maybe I’ll find it when I find the flashlight I lost sometime in the last week, and the razor that I left in a hotel somewhere, and that one sock…) 

In any case I figured that Saturday is a pretty decent day for a round-up. What nifty links have I discovered during the week? Oh, but what to call this little gem? “Saturday Surfing?” “Weekly Winners?” “Fancy and Fabulous?” I guess alliteration makes something “catchy”, but I think I’m going to opt out on that. I don’t really think it’s me. I’m using the Zero-to-Hero challenge to develop this blog and learn, but I realize that in a couple of weeks the challenge will be finished, and I will just be…hmmm…blogging! No more “blogging about blogging.”  But this “roundup” idea is very nice, I like it. Part of the reason I wanted to start this project is to share interesting things, and one thing I really like to do is find stuff on the internet. So maybe this could become a regular thing, we’ll see.

I thought I’d do one from each of several categories, then?

1) The recipe I most want to try:  Apple Pie Your Way at Made by Steven. I don’t really think this is, um, “health food”, but the crust looks amazing, and I really like the way Steven explains what he’s thinking while he creates these recipes. The pictures look delicious. As soon as I have a “proper excuse” (that is, some sort of event where I can share this with other people and don’t have to have it sitting in my house taunting me) I’ll let you know how it turned out for me. 

2) Coolest random story: An Unexpected Journey  over at Bluchickenninja.  The idea of knowing the backstories of random objects is interesting! 

3) My favorite French site of the week: “Epicerie Fine” on TV5Monde  with Michelin starred chef Guy Martin. This program has a little of everything for the French language student/traveler! I improve my listening and comprehension skills because it is (bien sûr) en français! I learn about regional gastronomy of France and about French culture, and I get to see places that I’d like very much to visit one day! Chef Martin speaks very clearly so that means I can understand quite a bit! He obviously has a great passion for the special products of France, and that makes me want to visit Le Grand Véfour when we go to Paris. Is there anyone out there who has been there? Care to share your experience? Contact me! 

4) Best fiction I want to read more of: Tnkerr – Writing Prompts and Practice  I’m fairly certain that this person is a published author of some really good fiction who is just out here in blogland being “anonymous.” But in any case, go check it out. He does the Daily Prompt and some other great stories. I liked this one very much.

So, what do you think? - Qu'en pensez-vous ?

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