Writing challenge !

I didn’t quite have time to follow yesterday’s “Zero-to-Hero” assignment (draft a post for a blogging “event”), so I’m tackling it today. I have chosen the prompt from “Today’s Author: Write Now” as my inspiration. Be gentle, I haven’t written any fiction since 1990…

As the bus started to pull away, he looked out the window and watched his mother Faint.      

“Well, that’s quaint,” George thought, pushing his glasses back up onto his nose. He saw the lady in the pink dress and high heels rush over to her and start fanning her face with a bus schedule.  As she called out for help, he saw his mother’s eyes flutter open and she definitely winked at him. She’d done a great job. The security officer had actually dropped all those manifests he had been scrutinizing when he responded to the call for help.  George saw one escape out into the road and disappear under a beat up green Chevy sedan with a sizable pool of oil underneath it. With any luck, it was the one for this bus, with his new name, “George Arnold” on it. Sure, Aunt Jen had said the new ID was watertight, but there really was no sense in possibly drawing attention to it.

The woman in the seat next to him gasped when she saw the scene and involuntarily grasped George’s sleeve. “Oh my goodness, that lady on the platform just fainted, I think!  Look! Thank goodness that security guard was so close!  How scary. I hope she’ll be alright. She looks so nice.”

“Me too,” said George. He looked at her briefly. She looked exactly like his faint memories of her, but of course, twenty-five years older. The memories of toddlers are mostly just shadows, but there was no doubt. If George were to take out the colored contacts he was wearing, his eyes would be exactly the same peculiar shade of violet that he shared with her, and with…their mother, waiting back in bus station, sipping on an orange juice and telling the security guard that she would be just fine. That she would go home and that her son would call her very soon. Everything would be just fine.


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