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Blogging about blogging

Well, it’s “Zero to Hero” day 21. I’ve been kind of reading along the last few days, clicking on things, considering trying new themes, new formats, and all that. Today the assignment is to create a post with a “new to me” format, and then share it on social media.  Well, as I said before, I do like to keep my social media to a minimum. So although I now know how to link my stuff to places like FaceBook, I’m not truly interested in that because I’m not really engaged in those. I like Pinterest quite a bit, because it’s a little more anonymous, and a lot more fun! So I “verified” my site with Pinterest. I think that should suffice.

Overall, so far I have learned a lot about “blogging”, “blogrolls”, and the “blogosphere” with and “Zero to Hero.” (I really quite dislike the sounds of words which begin with “blog” BTW…not a beautiful sound at all!)  I think I have been fairly successful at finding my way around the software, and I’m beginning to understand what I can and can’t do with that. Today, instead of following the “assignment” to the letter and doing the social media thing, I’m just reflecting on the process and on what I’d like to do with this blog in the future. So far, I have done several “rambling thoughts on blogging” posts about learning, but obviously that’s not really my “goal.” I thought of several types of posts I’d like to do back on Day 3, and I would only add that since I follow several cooking blogs, I’d like to make posts about my adventures actually making the recipes I find on these blogs or on Pinterest. So there you go.

“Blogging about Blogging” took me back to my school days in some sort of “deductive reasoning” class (I was so horrible at math!) talking about sets…and this reminded me of the famous “catalog of all catalogs” self-containing set. Bizarre, isn’t it? The oddball things that “stick with you” from years ago? I’m sure my high school teacher might be disappointed if that’s what I remember from his class!

In any case, I promise a few posts in the next few days which are actually part of the blog and not just the zero to hero challenge!


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