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Sisterhood of the World…

Oh, it’s such a nice idea! I got home from work this evening and found a lovely nomination for “Sisterhood of the World” bloggers award from the beautiful VidaMerci beaucoup !  I am truly honored that you are following my humble blog and I want to tell you how happy and flattered I am that you thought of me for this nomination. As you know, I am a brand new blogger, and until a few days ago I didn’t realize what a wonderful, supportive community is !  I love reading your thoughts on Grace. I do hope that it’s ok that I don’t pass the award on; I did participate fully in one other similar award… but as I discovered last week when I tripped into bed at 1am, I spent far too much time finding/nominating/notifying.  But I love the spirit of the nomination and therefore I do highly encourage everyone to visit Vida’s blog, and to please take a look at the “Blogs I follow” at the bottom of my page. There are many inspiring ladies among them, along with a few inspiring gentlemen. The Sisterhood of the World award requests the nominee to “share 7 things about myself.” I’d like to do that, in order to honor the one who nominated me.

1. I laugh at Grammar jokes. And puns.

2. I think earmuffs are really important because they don’t mess up your hair like a hat does.

3. I have a bizarre fondness for decorative pillows.

4. I love to spend time baking just so I can give away the finished product.

5. I get obsessed about new things (like this blog) and my poor husband has to bring me back to reality.

6. I’m not happy if my stove is not clean.

7. My feet are always cold, even in the summer.

Et voilà…c’est tout !

Thanks again, for the nomination!


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