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Sois Curieuse ! (Be curious!) – Day 12

First order of business: “Pure chamomile flowers for quiet moments”, or “Natural sweet flavors and spice notes play mysteriously together” ?  Right. Mysterious it is. Just like the subject of this post. Ok. Tea is brewing. Now, Day 12 of Zero to Hero.

Build on a comment I made on day 11? Awesome idea. I found a beautiful, thoughtful, multilingual blog called “theopposablecat.” I made a comment on her post about translating idiom, which is a subject that fascinates me as I study the French language.  I’m thankful because as part of my language learning experience, I have found several wonderful Francophone correspondents, both pen-pals and Skype pals.  This allows me to hear  “le langage courant” or, French as native speakers really speak it. It also allows me a forum for practicing this language that I am slowly acquiring in a comfortable environment, (which is something that theopposablecat mentions in another post that I like very much.) It’s comfortable because these friends of mine are also practicing une langue étrangère – the English language! Plus, they are all just extremely nice and patient people 🙂  I’m happy when one of them tells me that I’ve improved.

Anyway,  Revenons a nos moutons (Literally “Let’s get back to our sheep”) I understand from reading that it has the idea of “Getting back to the business at hand”…which is…translating idiom. That one is just one I’ve read, not really heard. But the literal translation is different, isn’t it? I’m not sure I’d get it in a conversation, at least not without a strong contextual reference. I mentioned in my comment that I think the link between idiom/language and culture are so intertwined that it’s always hard for a foreigner to use these expressions. One that I like and have successfully used is this one: “Faire la grasse matinée.”  Literally it means “To do the fat morning” (i think) but idiomatically it just means to sleep in. In French it’s so much more descriptive! I get that idea of the way it feels to be wearing pajamas at 9am, leisurely sipping coffee, with no real plans to “get going.” – kind of fat and lazy in a delicious sort of way.

In any case, I appreciate that the post made me think of all these things, because I have, as la blogeuse (thanks opposable cat…I learned a new word 🙂 says, “Put a new comparison to an old idea,” and that is one thing that’s beautiful about learning a new language. I see so many examples in my studies that I could spend days and days writing them all down here, but…I won’t. Yes, I believe I see the relief in the the eyes of anyone who is still reading!

Voilà, c’est tout!


4 Responses to “Sois Curieuse ! (Be curious!) – Day 12”

  1. lacuisinedejuliat

    Hi Kelli! congratulations! You have a blog! Welcome! thanks for the link. you are a fan of Julia et Agathe’s blog i know .i will share on my facebook page the link for your blog. your travel in France is soon?
    Bonjour Kelli et mes excuses pour mon anglais qui n,est pas très bon mais je l’ai fait pour tes lecteurs anglophones. Bravo et longue vie à ton blog. je sais que tu es une fan de notre blog!Je vais partager sur ma page facebook.ton blog. Votre voyage en France est pour bientot?


    • jetgirlcos

      Bonjour Julia pour votre gentillesse, et merci beaucoup d’avoir me mentionner sur votre page FB ! C’est gentille de votre part. Oui, j’adore vos recettes ! Elles sont facile à suivre et toujours délicieux 🙂 J’espère que mes lecteurs découvriront votre blog. Mon mari et moi irons en France en automne 2014 !

      Your English is just fine! I appreciate the bi-lingual comment. Thanks for the kind words and for mentioning me on FB. I hope the readers of my little blog discover Julia T et Agathe also! Maybe if they’re learning French they can do as I do and make it a delicious part of their studies.



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