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The Art of Etiquette – discovering Creative Commons

Day 7…was…two days ago now. And I did actually complete part of the challenge. I changed the header on my theme. The photo you see on the header today is one that I took myself. I like this photo very much, it’s a picture of the breakfast I shared with my friend last June at Charles de Gaulle airport. The two of us took a trip to Paris for one day. Just for fun, and because it’s always amusing to see the looks on people’s faces when I say that. “Yeah, J and I went to Paris for dinner once last summer.” We had this breakfast just before boarding our flight back to the US at LaDurée there in the airport. I was rather proud of it because I ordered in French, and la serveuse smiled at me and then actually brought what I thought I ordered! I know, you’ll be asking how hard can it be to ask for two coffees and two pastries, but truly, for me it was a little milestone, preparing me for the much longer trip to France I will take with my husband later this year.

So…back to the challenge. Zero to Hero asked that I explore Creative Commons and illustrate my post with CC-licensed elements. Because I have a tendency to over-research just about everything, I spent the morning reading various articles and posts on how to use these items, what the rules are concerning licensing, and finally, looking on sites like Flickr for interesting photos. I read this post particularly carefully, about a proper attribution. I hope I’ve done it right, first of all because I would hate to get in trouble, and secondly because etiquette is quickly disappearing in our society (in my opinion). It’s very important to give someone credit for their hard work or artistry; after all, we use these images because we are not clever enough to produce them ourselves, right? So I applaud these artists for having the vision that I myself do not have.

My self-imposed topic today is “etiquette” so I will tell you about a news story I came across recently. It seems that there is a little restaurant in Nice, France, called “La Petite Syrah” which is rewarding people for being polite. In this little news story I read that they were rebelling against customers who were complaining of “rude” service, and enticing the customers themselves to be more polite. The price of coffee decreased if a customer said “please” and it decreased even more if he said “Good morning, may I have a coffee please?” Nice, huh? I believe I would go out of my way to visit this place, if only to applaud them for standing up for “la politesse,” I find far too often that there is a sense of entitlement which is pervading society, and by its nature it erases good manners and politeness. Bravo, La Petite Syrah!

I wonder how much of a negative impact technology has on etiquette. I believe we sometimes feel free to email or text words that we would never say in person. Not to mention the smart phone tunnel. You know that one, right? That tunnel that people (yes, me too!) walk down while using their smartphones, while being completely unaware of their surroundings? How many people miss seeing beautiful things because they are staring at their smart phones? How smart is that? I have been nearly run over countless times in countless airports by people running to their flights while looking at their phones. And when they do run into me, they scowl at me as if I were the one at fault! Amazing, isn’t it?

I found this photo while researching Creative Commons and remarked that while the photographer captured the beauty of the wind in the girls’ hair, they themselves were missing out on the beauty of the water behind them. Interesting…

“Text on Beach” by comedy_nose is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Oh, so back to the Zero to Hero challenge…I do hope I have done my attributions correctly.  I found this challenge a bit difficult because I’m a little scared to use other people’s work…but with proper attribution I hope it’s ok. By the way, do check out this photographer’s Flickr page…I think he’s quite talented! I’m sure I’ll get a little braver as I learn more.

And…c’est tout  (that’s all) for today!


6 Responses to “The Art of Etiquette – discovering Creative Commons”

  1. Cindy

    Thank you for bringing up the topic of Creative Commons licensing and attributions. I went over to the linked post and read up on it and realized that I was not attributing one of my photos!

    I love the story of “La Petite Syrah”! What a great idea to encourage politeness in their restaurant!


  2. theopposablecat

    What a beautiful thoughtful and thought-provoking post! 😀
    I agree with you completely on etiquette – although people say ‘it’s not necessary’, how difficult is it really to say please? What do you lose by adding the one word that shows you respect and value someone and their contribution? 🙂
    Love love love this article!


    • jetgirlcos

      Thank you 🙂 Merci ! Yes it’s a little thing but it can make a difference. Today my flight attendant had a passenger who thanked her by name on the way out of the plane and it made her day not only that they said thank you but that they remembered her name 🙂


  3. Sara (Turning Pages: Of Books and Life)

    I can totally relate to this post! Both in the worry about not attributing properly (I think I have more reading to do on this), and in your thoughts on etiquette in general. I agree completely that common courtesy and good manners are so simple and mean so much, yet they seem so easily forgotten. I’m fascinated by La Petite Syrah! What a great idea 🙂
    Thanks very much for sharing this!



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